Thursday, February 02, 2017

The Dream Shop and Penny, continued

Dear Readers,

Sooner than I thought, so away we go...


Joey arrived a very normal way, for himself, he stepped out of a wall.

"Is it true?" Were the first words out of Joey's mouth.

"Well yes!" He said. "But no as well, I don't really know what all is going on."

He was more than a bit frustrated. He lived here and he lived elsewhere as well. Places could all blend at times into a swirling pattern that only Penny seemed able to cross over and make it back out again.

Joey had come from the bar just now, that walking out of a wall was just how it looked on the outside, in the world of the Dream Shop, nothing was as it would seem. Penny, another one of them had told Joey what was going on while he sat at the bar. Likely drinking a nice beer, Joey could never get drunk, so he was always sampling beers, every beer ever made was available at the bar, why not drink some of them, was Joey's thoughts on the matter.

The bar is an odd place, It has a name, but has also many other names as well it all depends on who you ask, which name you will get. For the Two men in the Office it was called "The Black Hole". The man at the desk was not it's owner, but he held some of it's purse strings.

Rubbing his empty hands together, he formed an otherwise hollow spot between them, but when he opened his hands, there was a Black bag in them. He turned it over and over again. It looked like black velvet, like it might have once been used as an old world coin purse. It had corners on the bottom, it would lay like a black square if put on the table. He didn't try to open it.

He did say one word.


Three of them stepped out into the middle of the office in front of the desk.

"Where am I, right now?" He asked them.

The Penny on the left spoke.

"Sitting at your kitchen table, about to open a bottle of wine."

"Will I see her, soon like you said earlier? Really, see her, awake, alive, talking? Knowing where she is, even if only for a while?"

He wanted to ask so many more questions, but knew they wouldn't tell him to much, He was both in his Shop, And in his Apartment, Something had happened! Something that He would, or could be thinking about doing in his other state of being. Not knowing which way To turn the pages of those thoughts was always a bit hard. He lived in this here and now, But other where life, all the time.

If she had arrived then things were muddled, but it wasn't a bad thing, just odd for her to have arrived at the Shop. He turned to Joey.

"You had better go and make sure The Plane is Fueled and ready!" With that command Joey walked over and took the arm of the far right Penny, and they both walked out of the room into nothingness.

He asked the questions again.

They were silent.

He sighed. Not going to be easy getting at the answers he wanted. What was going on really in his other self, he never really had this much play in the other bits of his many realities. They mostly just were, though at times he remembered them later, or they drifted through butterfly wings. This was so odd, he wanted her back in his Office, but she was asleep, here.

"Where is The Safe?"

Penny spoke in a new language, it had odd clicks, and gestures, head moving and even some feet movements like dance steps, all in a combination that taken as a whole was the Language.

He watched for a while, then smiled.

The Safe was doing this. He'd see her again, and in this Office, if he was fast about his next moves.


So there is enough for today.

May you have Christ's Peace



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