Friday, January 27, 2017

Poem for her 27

Dear Readers,

We will be on vacation so the poem for her series might have some days of gaps but I will Make sure they get filled back in and get back in line, while today's post is humorous in leanings.

Kinda Sorta

It all started kinda sorta for unknown reasons
But there it was that little two word phrase
Just sitting there in a conversation about something
Kinda sorta laughed about it the second or third time
But noticed it more and more, and now it's a sorta joke
Thoughts are odd, I kinda sorta never used it much
As a method of mentioning vague things, it likely will
Drift off the edge of my lexicon over time, or not
I notice I said it, by her little laugh that I did use it
Then I forget why I used it, cause when she laughs I stop
To listen to the sound of her laughter, bathing in its Glow
Her laughter is a sweet sound something that I love
Now that I know this phrase makes her smile
I kinda sorta don't want it to drift off my mental radar
So off to a short little thought poem about two words
That mean Sorta Kinda the same thing either way you say them
I Love you Babe, thanks for all the laughter and joy you bring
To our togetherness in all the things you do for me.

Happy Birthday Babe,



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