Sunday, January 22, 2017

Poem for her 22

Dear Readers,

Woodland Walk

It was fall the trees were starting to turn
She loved this season, He liked it too any time
With her was a time to be spent walking, or talking
Hiking or biking on their tandem Trike together
The woodland path was in this city they were in today
Tomorrow it might be a new city, or town they were
Just spending the fall of the year walking and talking
Over a log bridge, under a limb over hang through a glade
They spent lots of time walking in woodlands
If it was spring they'd be out in these places too
But today it was fall and the season she loved
He took photos of her hands next to leaves
He took photos of her hands next to moss on trees
He'd save them in his books of photos of her hands
He liked their woodland walks and photos of her hands
Hands he loved to hold, hands he loved to kiss
Hands he loved from the day they met face to face
Her hands held on their woodland walk this fall day.

Happy Birthday babe,



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