Monday, January 16, 2017

Poem for her 15

Dear Readers,

Lovely day in the park, things always look better with the sun shining and the Picnic table set up, ready for people.

Picnic With the Ants

4,000 ants were there at that table area.
It had been theirs for decades, over the years
Ant groups coming and going, clubs, dances
The whole scope of Ant life in the Park at
The Table, Their table, Their universe

Then one day this couple showed up
The Ants got ready for bug sprays and things
But then something strange happened
Right next to the hill entrance
A moistened Sugar cube was set down.

Then some other morsel
and then another and all around the Hill
Entrance was places all sorts of goodies
And the couple went about having a picnic
At the Table and most of the ants never left the feast

But a few scouts that had to know
Went to look at the couple of Humans
They were laughing and smiling and
Feeding each other out of a Soup bowl
Only one spoon, her on his knee

But set around the table was all kinds
Of food and several bottles and even water
And a soda and what looked like a thermos
Of hot tea, the ant scouts told the Hill later
It was hot mint tea, and Icewine in the bottle
Even caviar, and crackers a feast
The ant colony made this a Holly Day

A week later the Holly Couple was back
And all the Ants, came out to clap and then
To eat the tasty morsels the Couple sat down for them
Ant lore has it, that for years and
Years the same couple made this table theirs.
But ant rumor has it, that other parks
In other cities, have the same
Couple doing the same things
Just on different days
Always having fun, and sharing with the Ants.

Happy Birthday babe


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