Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Poem for her 24

Dear Readers,

The Scrap Book

This old book has many pages filled with things
Pictures of an old shirt,
Pictures of her hand near a moss they both grew
Pictures of feet in streams
No pictures of faces unless of other people
Their pictures weren't in this scrap book
Oft times people would ask, why not.
They'd just smile and say not much of anything
But then they'd point out the picture of the eggs on a plate
And the next one of her hand with spoon and the eggs
It was a full book but it was labeled with a year or so
And it had it's place on a shelf, with it's friends
Other scrap books with things in them, from cut out stamps
To comics and love notes they'd saved written on napkins
They saved a lifetime of bits of things, lots and lots
Of pictures of her hands were in them, and love notes
Lots of love notes, his to her, and hers to him
They loved collecting bits of things to show Love Together
In their Scrap Books many more on the way Together

Happy Birthday Babe



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