Saturday, January 21, 2017

Poem for her 21

Dear Readers,

Dreaming of a Log Cabin

Her face was blushed with the winter air, clouds of breath out
Her hair spilled out around her hood jacket a big smile on her face
The Log cabin was there in the clearing by the stream just downhill
She had been helping in it's drawing of it, and planning of it
While others did most of the work, as we were a bit to busy for it all
We had dreamed of the log cabin for a while, seeing ones like it
Sketching out plans and things to have in it, and here it was
Dreams come true, Our very first cabin all ours, Inside
Warm floors, even though it had a basement, warm rooms
Walls with art work on them, Ours and other people's
Rugs and things on the wood floors to keep the mild drafts away
Big long low seating area in front of a large fire place
All Specially made so that the fire heat the room with its smoke
Rock walls and wooden beams, all selected to be part of Home
Her touches all over the place and their love seen throughout
Her face blushed as he gave her a long long kiss, welcome home.

Happy Birthday babe,


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