Sunday, January 15, 2017

Poem for her 14

Dear Readers,

Sometimes you just need two birthday's in a day.

Jungle Cats

He breathed in a long harsh like Pant
His mate was near by but off hunting
He panted for her as he would always
Smelling her scent in the air
Tasting the Jungle Air and misty darkness
He was panting in Long Loud breathes

There was movement off to his left flank
She was bringing in the kill
A feral hog, large and meaty
The feast was long and tasty
He breathed in a long harsh like Pant
She breathed in a long fluttering Pant

They murring the night away
Tangled in each other in the den
At the edge of the Jungle
Breathing in Long Harsh Like Pants

Happy Birthday babe



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