Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Exit Stage Left

Dear Readers,

Whoa! There have been readers here from a lot of different places in the last 2 days. Like here and there. Grapefruit places, Here and There. Really cool Places to visit Here and There. They are on most maps. You are Here. You were There. But the best ones I know of are the ones that say (that is maps that say this) Here there be dragons. and the other phrase, There here lays the Edge.

Notice kind reader that "here there" and "there here" are just flips of the same two words, and that is just so cool! Here and There, together again. They have this great Love Relationship. Mainly because Here is inside There...... See it? Right -There plain as day.

I am fond of saying "exit stage left" I am not sure when I first started using the term, but it meant that I was going elsewhere, in either a discussion or leaving somewhere, or just saying goodbye without using the term goodbye.

I have been here and there all week long. In a great happy place, snuggled inside someone else, in their head, walking about in their thoughts. Well longer than a week, but it is sinking into my very being that I have been more happy than I have ever really been, ever.

You will find that at times you are happy, but that it doesn't seem to last long. But if you look at the happy times, and really zoom into them, you will see sparklers of what is making you happy. Those will vary over time, and distance and the here and there of our lives. But I have been happy for a while now, and one main feature of it is the "Here and There" form fitting.

In a story of mine, the place at it's center, has an "Exit Stage Left" hallway. I told Her about it the other day (Her is the one in the posts labeled Poem for her and then a #), that the hallway that exits the scene to the left is the gateway to heaven. Some forms walk in and out of there, but only some of them. But the thought of "Here and There" has a special relationship to this story and to reality too.

Here is where we are all at. We all want to be There, though. There is Heaven. But if you know Christ like you should. Here is in There. In this usage it isn't a funny story, but a good example of how things can be thought about in simple terms. Here we are, but we are also In "There" as in, "In Christ we are also Heavenly residents. Yeah I know you are reading this therefore you are in the world, but Heaven is a place and as members of the Body of Christ, we are also residents of his kingdom, so also in Heaven's foyer as it were. here inside there.

Taking one more step into a word play concept that means things to me.

He is inside Her. I am inside my babe, the Birthday Girl in my other posts. And we are inside "Here" which is inside "There" See how my mind thinks?

I would smile and say, "nod your head" smiles at personal thought.

Glad to see you in the mirror yesterday babe.

So dear readers in all your travels, be the here and there of the world around you and remember that Christ has peace that passes all understanding and he gives it to you freely.



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