Thursday, January 12, 2017

Safe Safe home at last.

Dear Readers,

A few days ago I was thinking of the story that you have been reading off and on called "The Safe Safe". It is a long tale really, in my head I have worked on it for several years, so there is a lot of it floating in and out of memory. The pacing or the from of reference "first person, second person, etc, etc, etc or the polished styling, are not going to be the same. I just don't write as a "professional" Didn't want to have to stumble through all those bells and whistles, so any of you new readers that thought this place might be that way, bows, No. But I do try to be less manic when I write, heh, can't promise you anything there either. Sees the youth in the 3rd row back in class holding up signs reading " story please " and " Just the story , no lecture " and waves to them, and asks "Who let you people in?" and Laughs. Okay story time.


He was home. It was a vast Island chain off the beaten path in the South Atlantic It had never been explored because any ship that was not under his control was lost at sea, or turned back due weather events. In the Modern era the same held sway till finally the Island was sighted from Orbit but even then the vast array of islands and the size of them was obscured. The plane ride had only taken about an hour, but the distance traveled would not have been possible for anyone else without in air refueling. Not to mention the speed of going nearly a third of the distance around the earth. It was easy to land the Plane. When taking off where others could see it, it taxied and then did a run and up it went. But if it was not in public view, it just landed vertical and was done with the Hiding it's real capabilities.

With the plane parked near it's hanger and steady in the afternoon sunshine. The back ramp opened and Quasimodo drove the Limo out of the plane and the stairs at the side were lowered to the Ground. No need for a ground crew to roll stairs up, the plane had it's own exit ramps and stairs on board.

Joey was first out of gangway and down the stairs, he had some things to get to, and was still a bit out of sorts from the day's ordeal.

I looked out of the doorway of the plane and smelled the fresh sea air that blew this far inland at this section of the main Island. I turned back to her, and said something in our private language, and she smiled. I went down the steps and was waiting for her as she skipped down the stairs like a little girl coming home from school. And hand in hand we walked toward the beach, and where our house was.

It was a nice house, Garden all around it, but then these Islands were all filled with garden like places. Volcanic in origin but mostly engineered over time to be what I wanted them to be. Being that I have built lots of things in my years, these were built to be exactly what they are, Heaven on earth. I let her hand go and she skipped toward the front steps and twirled about her arms wide, and that happy smile on her face I had always loved so much.

We got up the steps and in the front door. Nothing is locked on the islands. There were a few people in our house already. Joshua was standing there, and so was Wendy they helped manage the islands when I was not there.

"The Safe arrived about 20 mins ago, but no one can get into the room it arrived in." Joshua said.

Wendy pointed to the kitchen doorway and the blue glow of the archway.

"I see He showed up where he likes to stay normally." I said.

I held my hand out for Her, and she took it. We both walked toward the archway. When we got there, the blue glow was hot to the touch, but we both slipped into it and through it.

Outside in the rest of the House they heard a loud Pop and Crackle, as we and the blue glow and the Safe, vanished.

She and I were together at last.


No that is not the end... but it is a good stopping place for right now.

Yours in Christ's Peace.


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