Sunday, January 15, 2017

Poem for her 13

Dear Readers,

Hello there folks, today is the 15th of the month and it is an ubber dupper special day.

It's Today.

Then again so way two days ago, and so will 5 days hence. so......


Today was the longest day yet
Though yesterday was also pretty long
And that Tuesday four weeks ago was long as well
But each and every one of them were just Plain
So yet again Today was the longest day yet
But she was with me and that meant
Today being the longest day yet
Was deep breath special
She lay there beside me breathing deep
I had been telling her a tale of some sort
And there, she lay, sleeping, lightly making
Sounds of that weather change in her throat
Today was the longest day yet
And I was enjoying every long inhale and exhale of it
I wanted to sleep myself, but it was a while still
Just a little while still before I would
Sleep beside her and not think of anything
More than her, as soon as I typed this next line

Happy Birthday Babe,



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