Saturday, January 14, 2017

Another series continues with notes first

Dear Readers,

A story that I have had in my head for almost as long as the figures in "The Safe Safe" world, is the Richard Mann story. It is about a Gentleman Thief and his history and events around his parent's origins and death and love and just generally a good mystery all wrapped up over time.

I have written parts of it here abouts in here somewhere and I will go hunt for you later to find them or at least let you know which year to look through. Smiles. people have honestly read through the whole blog in even the odd places where I am more manic and it's even hard for me to read, without a huge gulp of air, for what I posted. But it is a blog, all my bits are in it, and some of them while a bit odd and strange were windows to my thinking and I would like to go back and hunt for any tidbits that were lost in the storms or other things. I hardly post here if I am depressed, so It is either Normal, slightly depressed, giddy, happy happy, overly happy and giddy, or full blown Hey there, slow down you are scaring the manic people too.

As I have stated before in these pages, I did at one time have titles, outlines, and ending bits all written down for the Richard Mann series, those notes, might or might not be around. If they are around, they won't be easy to find, as I have moved 3 times since then and it's been 20 years. Whoa, well almost 20 years for the notes, the story is pushing 30 plus years. So as I was discussing with My Babe, I should just face facts and think about recreating the thoughts and just not worrying about what was once a great set of titles and such and remember I am still a creative person and I can rebuild it all.

Goes and gets the drafting paper out and draws up plans for a boat, to have fun at sea on. Sort of like the boat that the Mann's had in their story line, but better.

So you don't think I am letting you hang yet again I will throw out a tidbit of a story section or information about Richard and his story.


The Man known to some as Uncle Carlos, sat in his office chair. It was a huge office and a huge chair and a huge man who sat in it. People didn't comment on his size very often at least in his hearing, most of non-family or friends of his were afraid of him, and the power he seemed to have. His family loved him and might at times joke with him about his girth and jolly attitude but few of them really cared to pick on him about it. The younger set loved to call him Saint Nickel as he was also fond of Nickels the US coin. Though he himself never wore Red of any shade, or on anything or bit of clothing or even pins or flowers on his lapel. There were red things in his office and flowers on his desk, even several office chairs were red leather or red fabrics and patterns. He actually didn't mind red as a color, but being his size wearing red was not something he'd ever do again, that long ago taunting as a child. Had made a lasting impression on him.

His friends were his friends for various reasons but again they didn't much joke about his girth either. Mainly because he did it himself in an odd habit, sort of a way to get ahead of the people thinking about it, and to toughen himself up a bit. He had always disliked bullies, so one of his life's goals had been to seek them out, and correct them on that bad habit. That was one reason people saw him to be powerful, the other reason was that he was powerful, and he displayed that power in his methods and doings.

His fingers were on his desk Blotter, and he was tapping out an odd tune. When there was a knock at his door.

His Son was there at the door, crying.


It is a look at what was going on just before the news of the call from Richard Mann arrived.

The Richard Mann story was the beginning of this blog,, laughs, even I didn't remember than one. So go back to 2006 and you get bits of it.

Yours in Christ's Peace



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