Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Poem for her 17

Dear Readers,

The Cat and The Pillow

The Cat looked at the Pillow
The Pillow looked at the Cat
The Cat mewwed and the Pillow sighed
The Cat was happy, and the Pillow was happy
They lived in the same house
The Pillow was new to the House
But so was the Cat new to the House
The House welcomed them both in
The House was old and had been there a while
The Pillow asked in a soft voice
Where were they today?
The Cat said in a purrr
They are on a picnic
The House Sighed, and said
In the back yard under the Big Oak
The Big Oak was having a great time
Shading the Couple and their picnic blanket

Happy Birthday Babe,



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