Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Dream Shop and Penny

Dear Readers,

If you delve into my blog deep enough you will stumble on a Huge vast array of story ideas, and things. There are a lot of things in my blog, some of them just a bit scary, just a bit odd, and just a bit crazy. There are things more than enough Scary, Odd and Crazy as all get out, in here too. Some times I am the one realizing I was free writing while Manic,, Super Manic and just Whoa! dude are you for real... Laughs. So without much further ado, I will open yet another layer of story lines, it is part of another vast epic, but it is sorta a kinda stand alone story that might or might not last 89 years and six years of your time.


He sat there drinking coffee. Then he looked up as the door opened and the person walked into his shop, which was more like an office and less like a shop, but here they stood.

He did not say a word. Normally he just let them say things, but this person was looking a bit more lost than normal. He thought for a bit longer, still not saying anything.

You see He was here in his office, but he was not here in his office or his shop. He was in a place called Dream.

You never knew who would walk in the door. Mainly due to the fact that this office was also in the place called Awake.

For lack of a better explanation Awake and Dream are in the same exact place. An odd landscape where He lived, where his office was, where his bar was, where all the hotels he owned were and where just about all his existence was located at, both the dream and the awake world.

He finally took the clue that he needed to ask them, whomever they were, what was up, as he never really knew the events happening around him, while he was at work. Seeing also that he Never slept much himself, he was always at work. He had two modes, Asleep, or at work. Fatigue would hit him like a ton of bricks and he'd go lay down, and would sleep, then awaken and then be at work again. The bad part of this was he never could figure out why he got tired in the first place, and that the sleep was never long, it was an odd existence.

"Hello, can I help you?" He said, his voice was soft. Then he sipped his coffee, cream sugar coffee, sort of in that order, so less coffee than sugar and cream. Then he realized the person there was a female. Which meant this was most likely a dreamer.

"It is okay. This is not a nightmare." It was always true. Females never had nightmares if they arrived at his shop/ office. But why they arrived here, was never the same reason. He was a little concerned. So instead of saying anything more to her he did say this to the room in general.


Five of them arrived, which to him meant this female in his office was special. One on either side behind the Lady, one more set in front of her but further apart, and then one to his left looking at the other four and the lady and him at his desk all at once.

He looked to Penny and said.

"Five of you means she is more special than normal. She hasn't spoken, but then you know that. So what is up about her?" He asks Penny. But lest you think differently, they were all Penny, only one Penny, Lots of different ones too. If you asked for Penny, one to millions could show up, yes millions, it had happened a time or two and he was never sure how many penny would show up, just that they would, as soon as you said "Penny". Though they could show up without asking for them too, but usually that happened and he kind of knew they would before they did that as well. But they always showed up when said their name.

Penny the one to his left said something in a musically sounding voice, that today was in a language that only he and they knew, or rather one of those languages, as there were many of those languages out there, in the conversations he had with Penny.

Penny talked for a while. He nodded, and spoke back to Penny but this time in American English.


Sorry, My story line is over with there for a while, Got to leave you hanging again.

Yours in Christ's peace


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