Saturday, January 14, 2017

Potatoes, toads, and a Dead Mann

Dear Readers,

I have tales about toads and tow trucks. Potato romances. And this Dead Guy called Richard Mann, who is still stuck in that Florida town, wondering who the keys belong too (yes there was a reason they were in the story, but I can throw twists into my own thinking at times).

Then there is the non-fiction ideas like "BioWebScape Design Project" and some other things lurking around the edges.

So plenty of things to keep people entertained with even if only here for one thing, like frogs.

Though right now I am wondering why some website I deal with is being a bear about it's handling of leap years or leap seconds or something. But it isn't the 14th of Jan, it is the 13th and it is supposed to be paid up till the 14th of Jan 2017, but just about an hour ago or so it acts like it is not paid up. Arghhsss... deep breath she would say. Let it out slowly.

Heh, sucks the air in,,, Holds for 2 mins,,, lets it out slowly,, Hey maybe I need to get back into that trick. Holding my breath for 2 mins at a time do a David Blaine. Whom I did not know about when I held my breath for 2 minutes and 45 seconds that one night long ago. Yeah well he was alive, just a kid at the time though. Likely the stirrings of why and how he'd be doing what he does now was there. As the stirrings for all of us are a life long thing, stirred and sloshed about from youth to 99.4 years old, where upon you stop learning things and sit back to enjoy your first cup of Tea ever.... oh,, that was a bit of fiction,,, hunt my notes again.. Blaine Davad,, holding breath doing odd stunts,, ah yes.. that train of thought.

Well I still need to learn to give the internet companies a bit of slack for things. They aren't prefect they are run by humans mostly, though programs do odd things at times, those were made by human hands and heads and as well also have faults sorta built into the process. I was a programer Once ages ago, things just happen that you had no Idea would.

Then I go back to where I was and there she is standing in the doorway and I stop this post. Now back in the early morning hours to finally finish it. Lots more odd writings and musings headed your way later.

Yours in Christ's Peace.



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