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The Safe Safe, continued

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He was rather mad. But it was a bit understandable, he had been doing things in the World of the Others for a while and pushing events toward his own goals in recent years. After all he was the Prince of Ur, as in charge of things now as then. Which is to say, not much. He was still looking for all the answers to his past, and knowing that he'd been given various tasks to be aware of, but today he was a bit miffed that someone had wanted him to be kicked out of New York City, he wondered why God wanted that to happen and was just doing as it seemed he was being guided. But he wasn't miffed at God, that would be a pointless exercise in not getting anywhere. Sometimes God told you something by having other events happen to you without showing you the end results, just telling you to walk in this direction.

The Limo was entering a Private Airfield where a Lone Plane stood, with it's cargo hold vehicle ramp on the tarmac and Quasi drove up and inside. Joey was there and others. The Limo was secured, and he felt the plane moving under him. It did not take long to get airborne This Plane was nothing like any of the ones Humans had. Though it was made by human hands, these humans had been trained by Churl dan Ur, aka Charles Danner. He got out of the limo.

"Well gentlemen, do we know where the Safe is?" He asked everyone present.

"No Sir, No one does, it might be anywhere!" Joey said. He looked a bit upset. He'd never seen this happen before. It was a bit new to him. Even though Joey had been part of Charles' family for 123 years, he'd never seen an event like this happen. And that was saying a lot, as he had seen quite a few events in his time as the "right hand man" of the man of many names.

He opened his phone.

"Janet does the US Government want me for anything?"

Janet was one of 5 women that always answered the phone. Not executive assistants but more than that. The Human voices of his Empire as seen by the world at large. Call 1-xxx-Charles that toll free number that he owned, and you would get one of them, and they'd handle whatever it was you needed done. Not 10 calls an hour, but thousands of them an hour, how only five females did that, only Churl knew, and he was always laughing about it when someone asked and wouldn't tell them much more than to say God Only Knows.

"They are wondering how you made everything vanish, they did issue a Stop and Question alert, but they are still trying to find you. They hadn't put a tail on the Limo, you have escaped their net and they are seeking you in all the wrong places. Mr. Brooks is being waylaid with questions, and is in Judge Judy Ross's office right now. I have still been unable to find out whom in the halls of Power was hunting you. But they will be found soon, I have all my agents working on it." Janet said.

"Thanks." and he hung up.

"Well it is just to sit back and enjoy our trip Home." He said to them.

He went up the front steps to a large area that had seating and tables and several other people, both male and female seated and standing, watching him arrive. One of them walked over.

She was a very nice looking lady. He hadn't seen her in ages. She said something in a language only the two of them understood.

He held her left hand to his lips and kissed it, back and front. It had been a long time.

He said this to her, in the that same language, but you hear it in english here so you may know what was said.

"TM seems to be playing his old tricks again. It is good to see you babe, I have missed you all these years in this timeline. That you are here, means the Safe is at our house. And nothing is as it seems. We will meet again, but in a sideways fashion. Everyone else but us, won't know of these events, as they aren't in the real timeline, but this alternate history. I do wish TM would stop this game of his. But it is nice to see you. A billion years is a long time to wait for your wife to arrive again. But it was only Yesterday that you left."

He kisses her hand again and the plane starts to descend out of the sky toward home.


I tied into a vast array of story lines by adding some of this for you all. The Character "TM" seen mentioned here is from a story that I started in 1980 or there abouts, and Churl is of course Charles Danner's real name, also the name in my blog's url. and bits of me elsewhere. and then the Wife, is from the TM storyline a fellow Alternate Universe traveler, who I met in my stories with TM, and though we hardly appear in any of them together, we are part of the same theme in my head over the years. Heh, I hadn't thought about that till updating this section of the Safe Safe story.

Well it is not over with yet. But you have another slice of it.

Yours in Christ's Peace.

She is Awesome<3


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