Sunday, January 08, 2017

Poem for her 3

Dear Readers,

You all kinda see the trend, right? So you all know me, I am this dude that writes things with an odd bit of humor and creativity (humbly bows slightly) but it now seems (as if you couldn't tell) that someone special walked in the door. Well so you other readers might know She's going to be getting a few more of these poem posts over the next few more days. Cause she is Awesome, and her birthday is round about in this general direction. So sit back and enjoy.


You are Awesome
You make me smile when I am sad
You make me laugh when I thought I couldn't
You make me sigh when you say I Love You

You are Awesome
When your words of Love come my way
When your voice says Hello
When your call arrives just as I need it

You are Awesome
As I read your love notes
As I see the songs you picked
As I read your thoughts to me

You are Awesome
You are not as short as you think
You are more confident than you know
You are the best that has ever been

You are Awesome <3
You are Awesome <3
You are Awesome <3

Happy Birthday



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