Saturday, January 14, 2017

Poem for her 12

Dear Readers,

Boat at Sea

The waves lapped at the hull that morning
The storm out on the water was far off
The Lee of the island was safe harbor
The boat rocked ever so gently but
The boat was ours held in place by moorings
The back deck was filled with soft pillows
The scene was set and relaxed

The rain came that afternoon
But the water from the sky never soaked us
We were inside by then and drinking tea
Hot and had some edibles from the galley
We had been up top just minutes before
Our hair still filled with the salt air
Our boat was out at sea

The waves lapped at the hull that evening
A bit more fluid and rocked us a bit more
We are two lovers on a Boat at Sea
We see the stars peeking in and out of
Storm clouds just now breaking up in the sky
The cabin is full of pillows and there we are
Two lovers on them and enjoying our Boat at Sea

Happy Birthday babe,



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