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Safe Safe story continues, finally

Dear Readers,

Way back in June of 2011, you can read the tale of "the safe safe" or at least the beginnings of a story. I think somewhere else in the blog is a side chapter in the tale. I will be picking up some of the bits about the story line in this post. Though I haven't gone through my own musings and hunted for all the bits that slide around this story. Some of Mr. Danner's history is shaded with time. It was hinted at, that he is older than normal, it all ties into the other bits of story that have him in them, that span for me a few decades of time and for him lots and lots of it. But this slice is about to get another public viewing.

Author's note,, first person of the other story, might change in this section, as this story is told also from other peoples direction, and even fly on the wall looking down at tenses.


George Brooks was frustrated. They had made him wait outside the Judge's office for over an hour. Soon Mr. Danner would be calling, and he had no more answers than the last time he called.

The door to the hallway opened and Charles Danner walked into the Judge's waiting area.

George Brooks was now flustered.

"Mr. Danner, I am sorry I should have called to .." He didn't get a chance to finish.

"Jane told me you have been waiting in here, for the Judge, who is being rude, to you and to me. They are stalling, as they can't figure out how to lift the Safe Safe. I was informed just a few minutes ago, they are trying to burn the wood legs of the table the Safe Safe is on. Heh, They had best watch their own toes, the flames can't hurt that wood, nor my floor, but anyway, I am here to force the issue. "

With that said. Charles Danner walked up to the Judge's door and opened it and walked in, while several voices were telling him he couldn't do that.

The Judge an older lady, but still awake and sharp looking looked up startled and said as much as the other voices. That Mr. Danner couldn't just walk into her offices.

"Miss Ross, You have goons all over my apartment trying to take my Safe Safe from the place it lives, I am here to settle this once and for all. So Sit down and Listen to me for a minute before you call someone to crate me off. "

George Brooks was about to say something, when Mr. Danner turned to him and said.

"For the record I am acting against my lawyer's advice." Then Mr. Danner put his finger to his lips and then pointed to George.

"So here is what I want to know, if the Safe disappears can you have me arrested?"

"What do you mean disappear? You mean you would take it out of your apartment? "

" No, but If I agree to open the safe for you, my touching it when other people are in the
room as well, will cause the Safe Safe to move to a safer location. The location will not be known to me. But you can not move the Safe Safe from it's location yourselves. That is why it is what it is. A Safe Safe. I know you don't believe me. But none the less, that is the case. But if I offer to open it for you, to prove what I just said, can you or the people wanting the information out of the Safe Safe, arrest me?"

The Judge looks pained.

"No Mr Danner, they couldn't arrest you if you did not take it out the door yourself, while they were in the room with you. I don't believe that the Safe will just up and go away on it's own. But I would not leave the city if that were the case. I can not tell you who is seeking this of you. But They won't arrest you on the spot. "

"Thank you. Good day. " And with that Mr. Danner leaves the room and to the hallway and out of the building. Into a Waiting Purple Limo which has been double parked at the curb waiting for his arrival.

When he gets into the limo he opens his flip phone type cell phone and just starts speaking into it.

"Joey, The Plane, both of us will arrive drive on board and all of us will leave post haste, I had so much wanted to have the dinner date make sure she is picked up and dined tonight at the appointed time. Be there in a rush soon. "

He flips the phone closed and sits back in the seat.

"You know Quasi, I really dislike the turn of events, but if I have to move again, I guess I will, and this time, I'll just Make them pay for the events they are forcing on me to happen. Hot War. "

The man in the driver's seat was older, of some Asian looks and his hair and beard and mustache were black still. He smiled. War would be a nice change of pace, pity for the people making his Boss mad, he thought.

The car arrived in front of the apartment building, the street was pretty much blocked with all the cars clearly belonging to the FBI and the spooks, along with a large moving truck with several special looking manpowered hoists and lifts on the back of it.

Jane had mentioned that they were trying to move the Safe Safe, and had laughed herself at that effort taking place, so this was the gear to go about trying that.

Mr Danner got out of the car on his own. Walked through the fray and into the Building. There were still several people in the lobby from the time of his leaving, plus a few more. Fellow tenants of the building. It was not widely known that Mr Danner owned the building he lived in, everyone thought he was just another one of the people renting from the LandLord Company called "Pacific Depths" which was an odd name for a Apartment management service, but the rent was good and the services the company provided was some of the best in the City.

Lots of talking going on, and then a Young lady spoke to Mr Danner, his upstairs neighbor.

"They won't let me into my apartment!" She about cried at saying it. And took a few steps toward him.

"Come on Babe, we will get you up there. Just use the private stairs from my floor to yours, once we get to my floor." Mr Danner held his arm out to her as he waded through the throng of people and got to the Private elevator to his floor. Which No one knew about, as he never used it.

It looked like a panel of the wall, even had a small painting on it, but the painting was embedded in the wall, a form of decoration. The Maintenance Engineer did not even know this was a feature of the Building, in fact the Corporate Maintenance Engineers was the only people that knew this was a feature, as they were employees of Mr Danner. The switch to get the door open was in the painting, it looked just like a tree limb and when touched, the whole panel slid open and revealed a small car.

Before anyone else really knew what was happening Mr Danner and the lady were inside and the door was closing. To the shouts of the FBI folks in the lobby still.

The trip up 20 stories was rather fast this elevator only had one goal, up and down fast. He hadn't used since he had gotten back into town, not even to leave the building earlier. And hadn't thought he would coming back either, maybe as an exit, but his neighbor was a sweet young lady and it called for extra arrangements.

When the door opened just outside his apartment, there were already men waiting for them. But Mr Danner pushed past them lady in tow, and walked her over to the stairs up to her level, bid her farewell and kissed her hand. Held the stair door open and then shut it firmly and turned to the bleating voices.

"No, I didn't tell you that was there, and No you can't open it, to look inside, can't have a secret elevator that just opens when someone wants it too, now can you? Where is Mr Jones?"

He says as he again wades through men and women looking a bit lost for all their authority. Inside the apartment, he walks over to the Lone Chair and taps it on it's back fondly picks it up and sets it on top of the Round Table. Then he does something odd.

He Stands back and says rather loudly but not yelling. "Goodbye dear friends!" and uses the arch of his foot to push at the edge of the table and scoots sideways. But then the Table and the Lone Chair, are suddenly not there at all, even though you can still hear them sliding a bit, then there is a light pop and silence.

He turns to the startled looks of the people still in the room, most of them in the Safe Safe room, or in the kitchen.

"Hey What happened to them?" A man asks.

"What are you talking about? This is an empty room." Mr Danner says as he waves his arm in a sweep of the Living room. But he then walks to the wall where his hammock is, on the Kitchen side of the Living room. And he says in the same voice level as before. "Goodbye Dear Heart!"
and he pulls the hammock over, but lets go of it, as soon as it starts to move. It too is gone from the room, with a slight sounds of the chains clinking.

"Hey What are you doing!" The same man that asked before says now even louder. Almost running over to the blank space on the floor.

Mr Jones has come out of the Safe Safe Room and is frowning at Mr Danner.

"What are you doing?"

"I am not doing anything, just moving my furniture around the room."

"But it is gone!"

"Are you so sure?"

Then Mr Danner opens the door to the first Fridge and then shuts it, but says "Goodbye food!" and when the door in closed the Fridge is not there anymore. He then does the same thing to the other smaller Fridge.

"Stop touching your things!" Mr Jones says as he moves to get between Mr. Danner and the kitchen table.

"The search Warrant didn't mention that I couldn't touch things? And I am even going to Open the Safe for you, Aren't you happy?"

Of course they weren't happy. They had been trying all day to get into Safe, which failed to do like any other Safe they had ever come across. They had even put a Torch to it. That was a new experience in metals, the Safe never even got hot. But again someone had lost a set of Goggles on the top, when they laid them there, out of the way only to see them vanish as in quicksilver. So everyone was a bit on edge.

Mr Danner picked up a kitchen chair and put it on the table like they do when you are closing up for the night. One after the other till the last one. He smiled and looked between the Jelly Jar and the chair and picked up the Jelly Jar then turned the last chair up on the table top and then held the jar by it's rim and smiled.

"See you folks later!" and dropped the Jelly Jar the half an inch to the bottom of the last chair. and the whole set vanished as the Jelly Jar made the smack sound.

He turned to the still startled crowd and pushed his way to his wine rack and didn't even go far. When he said "Vamoose you bottles!" and pointed at the racks and they were not there anymore, though you heard the sound of glasses tinkling together for a brief second.

His house was almost empty now of his things. The Shelves on the wall toward the bathrooms were the only things left with anything on them and the two works of art on the walls. He just brushed past two men that seemed to bar his way. Reaching out and saying "Away you towels" and then tapping the corner of one shelf, only to have all the shelves top to bottom disappear off the wall completely gone as if they had never been there, the wall was as it had never had screw holes and brackets on it.

Mr Jones was going a bit nuts by now. This was impossible. Things just did not vanish at the word of someone, it must be stage magic.

Mr Danner touched one of the metal wall hangings and didn't say anything. But they both vanished as well.

He then walked into the Safe Safe room and said.

"Are you sure you want me to Touch My Safe now?"

But he did not wait for an answer. He just waved at the safe, and very lightly touched the top of it, and as he moved downward there was nothing there at all. All the way to the floor the room was now empty. In fact the whole apartment was now empty.

"Good bye ladies and gentleman, have fun with the new digs." And he left the room and then went on out through the front door. Several people were trying to follow him. But it was suddenly even more strange when as he went toward the place of the Now Non-secret elevator door, he too seemed to fade and was gone.

He walked out of the side of the building just down the block from the front door, as if through a doorway that wasn't visible. The Purple Limo was parked right there, and he got in and it moved away from the curb in one smooth transition.

He sighed deeply but did not say anything.


Well it wasn't exactly how I had seen it all those years ago, but this story has been on going and has other twists and turns to it. It is never over when this fellow is involved. So dear readers, You will have to wait again till I get back to the story. But I am in more of a writing mood lately Points over that way on the couch to the Lady Waves to her sitting there, watching me sit here typing. Off to other things.

May You have Christ's Peace.



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