Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Poem for her 25

Dear Readers,

Food For Thought

We go to cheese and wine tastings in the fall
We go on picnics where ever we find ourselves
We eat soup out of the same bowl sharing it
We cook as many meals together as we can

Food is the topic that might be talked about more
Than movies we watch, or books we like
Food is something that is good shared in all it's ways
Shopping for items, growing the herbs to make the meals

How many recipes will be created by the two of us
How many memories of a shared food or meal or new taste
I have only a vague notion that the list will be long
Breakfast in bed, only a few midnight snacks but all
Food for thought as we go along day by day
Food for thought as we share a life long love together

Happy Birthday Babe,



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