Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Poem for her 6

Dear Readers,

Hi You all, greetings, blogger seems to be doing odd things with the time stamp and the days, so you might see 2 poems for her in a single day's time stamp. If that happens I will just post another the next day, she gets a lot of poems, more than just on here. But It is something special for her to have them here as well. And you all get to see them too.

That Winter's Day

Cold, long drive.
Harsh to be out past our stay at home times.
But we had a trip to take.
I sat there in the seat talking about something.
You drove.
I told you about frogs and toads or something.
You drove, it was dark, and the lights bothered you.
I sat there and held your hand from time to time.
You drove on into the night.
I told you about other things.
Things that helped you drive when it was hard for you.
I couldn't help you drive.
But I was there telling you how I loved you.
I was there making you laugh.
You drove on into the night.
But I was there talking you through
That Winter's day.

For you Babe,
Happy Birthday.



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