Monday, January 09, 2017

Poem for her 4

Dear Readers,

Yes you kinda know the drill but so you know, She is getting poems for Her Birthday. And I am, well the Author of them. Waves to other readers, in all the faraway lands.

The Artist

She sat there drawing in a book, it had a lot of things there
She was thinking of hair, and a face, but then she stopped
She smiled, those were his, she wanted to draw something else
She smiled, looked in the mirror held there in her hand
She moved her lips this way and that, to get the feel of them
She had this project to do, he liked her drawings
She had been drawing her lips for years, once a week
She knew how to draw them almost, they did change week to week
She was happy so they were always the same as that first time
She was about to put the final stroke of line to them, when
She felt his hands on her shoulder, not having heard him walk up
She smiled to herself, he was a soft walker and was like that
She said in a voice full of depth and meaning
One pair of lips for seven poems dear heart

For Her on her Birthday
Happy Birthday babe.



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