Tuesday, November 21, 2006

When she kissed me. prose off my POF account

The kiss, that first kiss she gave me floated me to the next level of everything and all my plans all my desires to not have sex till marriage went away. i was weaker than I thought I was. I hit a new platuea and I never came down till about a while ago and her threat was so real I could not ignore it and I knew getting totally cut off from her was not what I wanted, I can not see myself lose her as my friend. We might not be married and I might be looking for others, but if she were to this day ask me back, The only thing that would not move out of my way would be GOD and my promise, no sex before marriage. YES Ladies NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE. I can have love with you by seeing you smile, and hearing you laugh. I love to flirt like a butterfly on your shoulder and tell you the things you don't hear often than I believe to be true about you. I do not LIE I will try my hardest not to LIE been there done that and It sucks and it hurts me to much to do again. Hard lessions to learn, you better learn them fast they hurt the worst.
I had the lips touch mine and my mind melted and I got a rise fast and hard and long and just wished I knew what to do, and I did not. If it happens again I can handle it, I can, but I am still a bit afraid, What happens if her and I click. What happens if GOD tells Trisha, he has changed you can go back to him now. I have asked that question a few times and in the past I did not know, Now I do and that scares me a bit cause I know where the answer is coming from, which scares most people too. GOD did not let me kill myself, nor die when I had no ZERO, nada, zilch, control of my life and GOD said, Hi there charles, remember me?
I fully remember and Talk to him daily and I am honest in my forum posts, I love sex. I love sex where I can make her forget the day of the week and the pain in her body and the way she is supposed to smile and talk and almost even breath. I love doing that to her.. But she is the only one I have done it too. And You know ladies, I can't quite put anyone else in that place , so I am just going to have to date and talk and talk and talk, Hey I am good at that, and I can listen and listen and listen, most of my friends are in their 70's and 80's i have to talk loud, and listen carefully. I ask them questions for the data mining I love so much,but not more than GOD. Never that again, GOD proved to my beyond a shadow of a doubt so many times since the 9th of Nov 2006 that he is still in charge that I can not, will not get out of life without obeying HIM.
So If you make the first move I will thank you later, back rubs, sinus draining face massages, Exercise training with you, walking, swimming, hiking and the like, I have tons of testostrone(sp) to burn off, That is one reason I am so hyper these days. Its like high all the time, and crash in sleep then awake I am high, and the Doc's can only knock me out to stop it. I have things I ahve to got to do, been told to do, I still ahve my ego to kick back int he corner, but I am not letting that stop me either.
So ladies, kiss, touch, pat, smile, laugh, and let us know you like us, and if the guy is worth anything he will obey and respect your rules, if not, drop him and head to the next guy, You are worth mroe than you think you are and more than I think you are, Just enough by how GOD thinks you are.


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