Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Random Ass mavement of the noise of the machine

tap Tap, I heard the noise. I look up there he stood the man with two blind eyes, tap tap. Omg I thought, gee when did he do that? I was about ready to turn tail and go the other way, I hate the blind you see, they drive me nuts. tap tap burp the man said weally loud and then laughed for a while and a while longer then looked at me and smiled and said. My dog don't bite. He had no dog till the hiss of his feet on the side walk sounded like a grrr in my ear I thought my oh my the burnt popcorn is tasty with the coke and the pepsi is the best if the coffee is dry and taste less like my air phone coffee maker.

Tap tap tap tap taop top the wahy I go the noe is in the noise in is in the no is out of the box oh my did you no, that I can't type while sleepless 21 the one less that then then tin ten thin mint paddy whack give a dog a bone and then look back and kiss your wife and hand her a nude photo of the spider and the fily and give a poem to the one you last had from her the child.

Hey the tapping spotted and the stopped guy is the blind man. yah they finally bulled him over for driving with out his hearing aid. Man i love the time that my main man goit hit wi the cop from afar, it was so cool the cookie just hit him hard and bam the paradox is you were born first and knew the fix was in, and I was born last and had to wait till I took the od twice in a row and died twice and then the fix was so fucked up I thought am I right, no I am crazy and you are the light and ai am the son,, or is the other way around you tell me I told you the sum of the gain, I upload and down load about 50 times a day, and flirt with the skirts till the girls tell me to back off or tell me I am way to cute to live in the bad teeth paradox of the day I have. OMG

Burp pet pet pet pet peap[ peat paet] pat pat patp apt patpa pa pt pt pap tpt paptpaptpa my head hurts but then again it is fine and I can type faster than the fastest I could before with out a mistake and the mistakes are the best i can make them and the worse I can palce me them.

OMG that is so coooooooooolll a bet the man main that I am a girl and the woman is the make and male ai the is the woman in the genisis is story his story hissssstory, I can't preach like this all the darn day long, but then agaon I can haha.

Noise os the machine.


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