Monday, November 13, 2006

What it means to be me, and surviving the Future.

I am a Christian first and formost. I have to ask you to Please consider that there will be other issues besides religion. In my Faith I will feed you even if you would back stab me and my whole clan, ( my clan is all the people that wave to me on a daily basis as I do my morning 1 to 2 hour long work out on my front lawn, mostly with staves, but also with strength and flex training. ) and I will gladly die for you.
That being said, I can if I so choose kill you just as dead and just as fast as I please. That is my choice not yours. My faith asks me to be nice to you, but understands that I may act the part of my vengence and kick your butt into next week. But If I have to kill you I can be justified and saved from my sin.
Now you know that I am a christian and you know that I can and do lift daily 150 to 250 pounds with my arms alone and twice my boby wieght with my legs. And I have 4 staves 4 foot to 7 feet long and I know how to use them and knives close in or thrown. You can make your own discision.
But if you need food I know in my yard alone all most all the edible plants, this time of year, when the temps hit 32 the other night.
Your choice, for me or against me. I don't care. Do YOU?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dog pissed on the all the edible plants in your yard. :)

3:24 PM  
Blogger Charles E. Owens Jr. said...

Dogs are nice creatures, washing my food for me, just like the rain does, thanks for the information. I will be sure when you show up to dinner to serve you the slugs and cheese, snails without shells, fancy fancy feast.

Thank you for the comments, keep up the negative attitude it's refreshing that I have some critics that are not group thinkers, Can I commission more comments from you, no that would be bad, you will have to do it for free.


10:32 AM  

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