Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Story installment #1... Death by degrees

The room was lit with a low light. I blinked. The Cpap mask was on my face I could feel the wind blowing on me. I told my hand to move and couldn't get it to move. A face appeared. She smiled and called over her shoulder.

" Tell the doctor, Mr. Owens finally woke up!"
"Hi there, Can you hear me Mr. Owens?"

I wanted to say yes, I needed to say yes, but I couldn't. I blinked twice.

"Two times for yes?"

I blinked twice.

"One time for no?"

I blinked twice.

"Do you know where you are?"

I blinked once. Of course I knew where I was I was dead, but not dead. I guessed I was coming out of a coma. Charles the talker can't talk, how my family would laugh at that one.

"You are in a Coma Patients Treatment Ward at Mercy General in Little Rock. Do you remember where that is, Little Rock?"

I blinked twice. I knew Little Rock I grew up over on the north side of the river. North Little Rock, I was living with my parents the last I remembered.

She smiled, turned and waved over someone.

"Hi there." A man's voice. "How is he?"
"He can hear you Dr. One blink is No, and Two blinks is Yes. He knows this is Little Rock and where he is."

The male face move's in close.

"would you like to sit up some so you can see more of the room?"

I blink twice. That would be great, being flat on my back unable to move was a pain. I felt no pain, but I also could not move.

"Sally, you and Chris make sure he is stable while I raise the bed up some. Be sure his CPAP mask does not fall off his face, the Oxygen is going through there. "

My field of view is changing, Sally is pretty and I notice about 4 to 5 months along and showing. Chris is a nice young nurse she has red hair and I want to touch it, the desire is so strong I want to scream and I can't, I can't talk, Oh God I can't talk. I wonder if I am going to cry. I see stars, black.



Blogger Jennifer said...

I know its been forever sence i have posted a comment, i have just forgotten the blog website, and i have been putting off going through my then i had about 300 to go though, but i finally found one with the link. thanks.

I'm not quite sure what the plot of this one is because i haven't read all of the other posts for this story, but so far i love it.
the blinking thing was kind of funny.

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