Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Of all things Spam Humor on the NET

Maybe you didn't read this all the way through. Godown about three paragraphs.
Greetings to your family,
This letter must come to you as a big surprise, but Ibelieve it is only a day that people meet and becomegreat friends/ business partners. I am DR. IDRIS RIMI,currently Head of #1,593 Community Farm in BurkinaFaso.
I write you this proposal in good faith, believingthat I can trust you with the information I am aboutto reveal to you.I have an urgent and veryconfidential business proposition for you. On June5th,2000, a German international goat herder, who isthe head the Smeely Cheese Company here in BurkinaFaso Mr.Christian Eich left 17,500 goats in my care.These goats have since multiplide and are beginning tooverun all of Burkina Faso. Before this date, I havetried my possible best to locate a Next of Kin to lateMr. Eich, but all efforts prooved abortive, becauseall his family, including his Son In-Law and childrendied in the plane crash of Concorde Air France Flight AF4590 which took place on 31st July2000, some months after he left these damn goats in mycare.
You can read more stories about the plane crash byvisiting this website,
With the recent deforestation of my country by thesegoats and with their efforts to support the UnitedNations in checkmating biological terrorism aid in the Burkina Faso. By end of January this year, theFederal Government and the Agricultural Government haspass a new domestic animal terrorism Law which willgive the Government authority to interrogate all goatowners of above 50 animals to explain the reason fordestroying our agricultural economy with these goats,making sure it is not an act of terrorism.
If I do not move these damn goats out of the countryimmediately, by December the Government willdefinitely remove my precious testicles, because mycountry cannot provide the people with their Playboyrenewal subscription which is a civil right in ourcountry. Long live Hugh Hefner!
I decided to utilize this life time opportunity,instead of Government cutting off my cohonis, but aforeigners instead. That is why I am contacting youfor an assistance. As the goat hereder to late Mr.Eich, coupled with my present position and status inthe village, I have some vital informations that canhelp any foreigner that comes up as the Next of Kin tobecome the scapegoat. Then I shall give you up.
I shall supply you with a Visa, airplane tickets, andthe best medical care that Burkina Faso can provideafter they remove your nuts. The transaction will beexecuted under a UV light that will protect you fromany bacteria. If you accept to scape goat for me, Iwant you to state how you wish us to share the funds of the procedes from the goat barbeque that willbe held in your honor. So that both parties will besatisfied. I shall explain to you in details how weshall handle the transaction once I receive your response.
Thanking you in advance and May God blesses you.Please, treat with utmost confidentiality.
I wait your urgent response.


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