Wednesday, November 15, 2006

For your eyes and anyone else you can con into reading this.
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Funny and right up several folk's alleys. TOD centric post.........
The young lady is selling door to cleaning products and I ask her if I can drink it and she says no. I chuckle and hand the bottle back to her. Yummy eyes she had I love the eyes of the people I talk too. Anyway she gave me a list of things that were in it. I Laugh and hand the bottle back to her. Claim I will have to go through some people, My parents don't buy things from door to door. Yet if she were selling water everyone in town would buy it.
Water in the right form can wash anything clean. OIL is cut with steam, ICE cuts mountains, Water too, And the oceans hold every mineral known to man in them.
DO NOT GO OUT THERE ALONE take a FACT with you. Be a Para-Docs and help the childern.
LOL I am an Author at Large An Eagle eyed, Cat, who looks like a Bear and is as strong as an Ox. comments please????


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you nut,
You have got to get out more. what is the point? Haven't you been reading TOD? Do you think that group will respond to your posts? Maybe if you charted it or graphed it? Can you graph mental illness? Perhaps you should form your posts as a Poll? Ex. How many TOD dissemblers have psychotic thoughts? Anti-social thoughts? How many TOD members drool? No, seriously, TOD is great. many posters are dedicated and really inform. They have little to no sense of humor tho. Stay strong.

3:56 PM  
Blogger Charles E. Owens Jr. said...

LoL, I am a reed in the wind, I bend to the ground and do not break. I am a stick in the mud, I am wet and sticky and loving every minute of it. Smiles. I know someone that knows this for a fact.

Thanks I never did plan on stopping once I walked out my front door.

10:25 AM  

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