Wednesday, November 15, 2006

MY First ever recipe, My days as a cook started younger than I thought.

Rain rain rain rain rain reign its raining again, there is or was 4.5 inches of rain just last night in North Little Rock. It is raining again, my exercise time was cut to almost nothing, caged animal I feel the blood racing around.
GW is putting all sorts of water, HEAT, SNOW, something in the air we breath, It reminds me of High summer I have a cough and so does my dad, winter is our time of rest from the ailments of the summer heat. Low humidity and low heat great for us, LOL low temps and LOTS of water, not so great for us.
Hydro power on the river is high, North Little Rock gets Hydro power for some of its Electricity, We have stranded GAS I am sure in Arkansas and we have Nukes. GEE and localization is going on full stream ahead in North Little Rock, the downtown is totally Walkable, I did it yesterday at the job fair. has jobs and they use Propane in their trucks have since the founding og the company the rep said. Lots of great things come in small localization packages.
Thinking about cooking digging in the files of my dad's big black books his personal collections of recipes, we are still planning Thanksgiving Dinner. After all I have a fully certified Chef living in my house, My DAD. What better way to download his experience into my head that cook on a daily basis with him, And he is also a Trained Dietitian, (( diet titan odd there ))So I am going to school for free, room and board profit magins not going to a school but to my parents in my experience in cooking in their diet, the fruits of the earth in their meals.
I'll have a recipe tested the first one I have that I copied off the back of a skippy jar. I think the recipe is flawed but Have to prove it. So well will be making it soon, next week. When the rain lets up we have a wall to put up for sorting the piles of screws we have in the carport and the other places. His collection is like most peoples sand collections. LOL If he has ever needed it, he has some of them, if he has never needed it and can't find it in the piles he goes and adds to the pile. LOL I am getting an education this year.
More Recipes from the PO Cliff EDGE Later. LOL I am an Author at Large An Eagle eyed, Cat, who looks like a Bear and is as strong as an Ox. Go to The Oil Drum Dot Com, Lurkers welcome.

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