Tuesday, November 14, 2006

check this linakge out.
Someone knows what the noise in the machine is all about.
Sewage systems that work for home and profit. We can go local and always could we just did not think we could someone was selling us a bill of goods. The guys selling wanted us to believe that we had no choices.
200,000,000 million humans were supported on the system of the America's land masses, My source is a paradox, in a box and if you want to know what the answer to that littel ditty is, you have got to e.mail e.mail e.mail me, Leanan are you listening to it the noise im talking.
Ditto ditto ditto ditto dtito, did I mistake??? are you sure? LoL.Thank I have been flying on the Rum in my gum, or the gum in my green, or the green in my gum or the hot air in my tummy and now the air is hot out both ends.
LOL I am an Author at Large An Eagle eyed, Cat, who looks like a Bear and is as strong as an Ox.

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