Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Walking the thin white line, Day #2

Walking the thin white line.

Today I continued what I started yesterday. Standing on the verge of the main drag and doing my set of stave work/exercises and waving to the people that I could, nodding to others and and because of exercise ignoring others. Today I noticed that I don't need the jungle gym set of stretch bars that I thought I would to stretch my legs, I can plant my 6 foot Iron Gas pipe and use it, side to side, and front as a push up bar, and an arm stretch bar too. Yesterday day #1 about 10% waved, Today I think it went up to 15% if not higher and I got 3 honks of horns and 3 passes of Police cars. I think I am going to keep a daily log on here of the happenings, and be out there every weekday and if I don't work for dad on saturdays then then too. Sunday I go to church and do my exercises there and have pastoral approval.

See you on the flip side.


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