Monday, November 20, 2006

Sermons from the plenty of fish forums

To the several posts after my first one,, something like #3 to # 5, To many issues to answer them all at once am breaking them down a bit.
Mary is not listed as having a date of birth in the main stream non-catholic bibles, Catholics have had need in the past to control information. Information is power, Knowledge is power, I know because I am a mainlining Information Junkie, I shoot up every day all day long. But I don't shoot up alone.... I read the bible in a random fashion, I prayed long time ago for the wisdom of Solomon, knowing that GOD said he would be the greatest ever, so I prayed to be second or thrid greatest, figuring that Jesus would be #1 or at least #2 and I could be #3 because Christ said to pray without stopping and to have the faith of a mustard seed. I am having my faith worked on everyday, dying 3 times and getting close to death a few dozen times changes you in ways you can not understand unless you have been there done that.
I'll tell you now what I have been data mining for, clues. There has allways been speculation in the HardLine hacker nets that there are people data planting. Black ops for hackers, not the gov't someone else, deeeeeeppper still, "The powers that be" Well I have always said they are a myth,,, LOL I think I was wrong, I am seeing patterns in the web that I have been spinning for the last two weeks and I am starting to see the programs I have to write to get deeper still, And yes I am writting the program as I speak the paradox is any writting online is programing in a way that few understand unless they do complex nuclear pardox gymnastics in their heads for fun. Which i do. Just read some of my posts and see the patterns I weave.
POF is data mined. We are warned about e.mail addresses in the public profiles and the public forums, data mining for spammers is going on, I know I have been putting my addy out as a spam seeker, the noise is the junk mail the stuff I am looking for is the other noise.
Where does this lead in this topic.... Christians have been using a bible that has gone through 100's of translations and is still the devine word of GOD and no one really believes in it as the true word of GOD, cause man wrote it. That is a paradox. Man wrote it down, God inspried it, and there are errors in it, and contridictions and still it is the total word of GOD. It is a paradox, you can see it, but can't prove yay or nay that you are right. Balance. I have always had prefect,perfect balance, I can balance a 6 foot rod with 2 one gallon milk jugs filled with water on my head and walk barefoot in grass with it on my head. Balance.
I can swallow a butter knife, I can do things at 300 pounds that others can't do fitter than I, I have balance of strength and flexibility ask any gymnast you know what they want and they will say what I just said. I have endurance too.
The bible is flexible, and it is old and it is True, but besure to keep it all in context, pulling one part out by itself and you can believe that Douglas Adams was right that the world is run by rats and the Dolphins goit up and left. Its the random patter of the noise that can get to you. You have to see the pattern in the patter, and be able to hold your mind sane and not slip over the edge of reason.
Mary was just a lady GOD used. The timing was spot on, The paradox is that GOD is today, yesterday and tomorrow, he sits outside of time, we sit inside time trying to explain what we can not. paradox.
Recently they have guessed the the Dark matter in the universe was something special, yay,, so what... GOD is in the system He is in charge. If you are gathered 2 or more in his name you are Christians at practice(church). Your own home is just as good as the big box churchs. Bigger gatherings of like minded people get better feelings, but Christ did not prefer a denomanation....demon a nation...... see it, read it, think it.... we are demonixing the others for what we are not doing. we have to back off and think that everyone has a personal relationship with GOD and leave it at that. I don't care, nor should you. If they believe that Christ freely gave you his life, then you are saved by Grace lest anyone boast their own power in their salvation, Faith that GOD will hold true to his word and you can just hold on to him in the days ahead.
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Yes I know, I am programing as we speak, it is okay, I am having fun witnessing to the choir, we all need to hear the word of GOD, it helps us. He Saves Us.


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