Sunday, November 12, 2006

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Then from the stuff I know of the tour De france about one barrel of OIL per person to get the race done. These guys especially Lance Armstrong are geared to the maximum use of the food they intake, getting about 80 to 95% of the value of the food energy out into the work energy. Look at the videos of the Whole Last Tour de France. A big bit of doc-u-drama going on. One of my mentors in the real world, Is an advid Cyclist lover because her son did/does it. She is 68 years old weighting at about 106 max, to 96 min, Pounds. and I have seen her move Green Logs weighting 50 to 60 pounds by herself. I know I have helped her load and unload over 3 of her van's load and 5 of my van loads of green wind-fall trees in just this last full season, My last logs gotten to her were in May of this year. I can move about 150 pounds of dead weight now myself, from the ground to my shoulder. My dad can move about 200 pounds of dead weight from the ground to his shoulder, and he weights in at 145 pounds.
So mass is not at all the massive problem people think it is at all. I can get all of my energy from plants in a given week. From my own yard. Granted its not the diet you all would like, its the fastest fast food I have ever gotten and it is so low on the hanging fruit section of the world that most of you just walk over it and don't even notice it.
I have to remember, I laugh at moss and grass, other people Only see green.
Is the Quip I posted just a few days ago on my Blog, As this post here will get edited and posted there as soon as I hit post.
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