Tuesday, November 21, 2006

alpha male profit talking, phophet

Today you are all going to help me data mine.
I want to call myself Alpha Male Profit of Doom for Christians. Just for a few minutes.
As a Christian we are taught that Christ will come again in blazing glory and end the suffering and the world will be restarted fresh again.
There are several ways we can do this, we can do this already, have had the ability to do it for decades. GOD can do it too, never did not have the ability to not do it. Asteroids ElE... Extinction Level Events. Bigger ones are still out there and they are all headed to hit us, or could or might not ever.
Nuke winter. Global warming. 6.5 billion get the blue flu and turn into ducks over night.
You name it we can kill ourselves in mass and do it every year. We overeat, over polute, we complain about joe's big bad diet and not getting out there and making a profit for himself. we worry ourselves to death.
The list goes on and one, some of you folks here do the worst of them. Darwinian frets that we humans willnever get out of here alive. LIke DUH!
Today I get nothing from my published works. Not a dime. I do look down and find money on the ground and if I am patient the movies hit the cheap theatre and I get in for $0.75 per movie I treat myself every few weeks to a double feature, for a 1.50.
There is a big bit of an under current online lately and I have been mining it, and my mail box gets about 250 spam notes a day and 1 to 2 non-spam nuggets of truth too. and then there are my contacts getting me mail as needed.
ceojr1963@yahoo.com and http://www.theoildrum.com
Dan Ur means... prince of nuke( uranium ). I am into fusion, cold fusion my short stories are full of computer's coming to life and cold fusion powering the whole thing.
The Paradox Drive computer with IDIC profiling and vulcan heat sinks allow me to do whatever I want to do, in an easily explainable totally logical way that you can not dis-prove I have a god, and I can not prove I have a GOD and we neither can prove or disprove that I am HE.
Take that you doubters in logic. Logic proves I am right and so are you!
End of A M P of D 4 C channelling
Hi there is me dan the man pancake maker of blini and catfish and stew zoo-cinni, sweet melt in your mouth first time made success story.waves...poof.


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