Monday, February 27, 2017

Poem for her 72

Dear Readers,


Her hair in my face as we walk close
Her face in my vision as she checks my glasses
Her hands on my shoulders as I help her off the picnic blanket
Her words on a line in a book we are writing
Her voice on the phone in a voice mail telling me things
Her question on her lips as she wonders what is for dinner
Her smile there on the pillow as she wakes
Her artwork in one of our scrap books
Her drawings on the walls of the place we are
Her design of a garden bed in the flowers it is growing
Her lips on my hand as we greet each other
Her legs in a pond as she gets the fish to the bank
Her feet in my hands as I massage them
Her in everything I think about
Her in these lines she reads

Happy Birthday Babe,


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Poem for her 71

Dear Readers,

Roses are Read Two

Two feet ran over the floor dripping water as they went
Two wet feet slide on the kitchen floor
Suddenly there she is in my arms
Fresh out of the foot bath
I had made for her just over there
In the space next to the kitchen
Called eating space
Not a separate room just a space
She was the designer of the place
I had helped build the table
She and I had made the table clothe
She'd been in a foot bath just a while ago
And in the future many more just like it
Feet soft and wet and later
Massaged and lotion applied and cared for
Roses in the tea
Rose petals in the salad we had for lunch
Roses are read for two
And now you

Happy Birthday Babe,


Poem for her 70

Dear Readers,

Grass in Spring

Her bare feet waded their in the grass
Then dipped into the pond
Then out into the middle where it was a bit over her knees
Then she got the floating beach ball
And bought it back to shore
Giggling almost all the way
There and back again

Her wet feet and legs dripping
Pond water off them
Her shorts just wet at the edges
She handed me back the beach ball
Then said Shhhhh
Not so far next time
Or you have to go get it

We were playing
Toss the beach ball
Over the stream
Which runs from the Spring
To a forming pond
Soon the pond will be deeper
Maybe next time
I'll have to swim to get it

Happy Birthday Babe


Poem for her 69

Dear Readers,


Winter has flowers they show up in pots
..They show up in beds of early snow blooms
Spring has flowers they show up all over the place
..From trees to bushes to clovers
Summer has flowers they show up in gardens
..From herbs to bushes to vines
Fall has flowers they show up every where
..Festive places to green houses to inside the kitchen
All year long flowers are aware you need them
They show up when you didn't know that plant had them
They arrive in the mail and in offices
They get cut and sit in vases and in places outside
All year long Flowers arrive to brighten your day
Once She arrived to brighten my day
Not a Plant flower, but a flower all the same

Happy Birthday Babe,
The Flower the brightens my day.


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Poem for her 68

Dear Readers,


Wanting to spend almost every waking minute
Within easy reach of each other

Wanting to say everything about everything
Only with each other

Wanting to be there within sight
Of the other for more and more of a day

Wanting to hold each other whenever the
Hour is ready for sleep, like right about now

Wanting to cuddle and kiss and just be
With each other without stopping

Wanting to not have to care about the
Goings on of the rest of the planet

Wanting to see the sunrise in the others arms
Then drift off back to sleep

Wanting to have breakfast in bed
Then lunch in the garden
Then dinner at the pond
Then midnight snack under the stars

Wanting to never leave the place we are
If we have to leave separate

Wanting to always be together
Though we are together just not totally
Telepathically connected

Wanting to be telepathically connected
Having always and forever
Connected never separate

Wanting all things Together

Happy Birthday Babe,


Friday, February 24, 2017

Sideways thinking

Dear Readers,

Side ways thinking, that is what this fellow could do, but today he had a problem. His car was just not as fast as it was yesterday, when he took it to the shop they said there was this part that was broken on it, well that was understandable, that is why he took it to the shop after all. But they were looking at him strangely, which wasn't all that odd, most people looked at him strangely, one way or another, he never did fit in to their expectations.

Yesterday he was there in the shop with a t-shirt on and shorts like normal, but the temperature outside was 32 degrees below Zero, and he was even sock-less in his sandals. So the stranger part was he was not acting like he was cold, when he should have been freezing in the weather. But maybe it was that the speed gauge on his car had 500 miles per hour on it, maybe that was it. He didn't rightly know which of those several things it might have been. All he knew is that his car was not as fast as it was yesterday.

Today he could barely get it past 499 miles per hour. Which just was not the speed he liked to drive at, he preferred going just over 501 miles per hour. He really had to get that windshield wiper blade fixed.


Just thought I'd write another odd short story that might have a longer tale attached to it.

Waves to Babe, over there by the Fireplace as she is roasting those marshmallows for Hot Cocoa tonight.

The Peace of Christ to you all,


The Hunger , Continued 3rd post

Dear Readers,

As you can now tell "The Safe Safe" story is a rather large work that isn't just one stand alone story, but several story lines all tied to a trio of people. TM only briefly seen one mention of, and then "The Girl" and "Charles Danner" whose name is not that, but others too. Yes I know he has my name, because his story is my story in a way, I write a lot of his story line in a First Person view point or at least have in my head, what shows up on paper, is never the same, I am sure some Editor would sigh and tell me my stories just would not work, blah blah and blah, but then that is one reason I don't deal with them much. Ah the first bird of the morning that I can hear, guess it is time to get on with the next slice of story line, (Waves to "the girl ... aka as Happy birthday babe" good morning). (you could be in the kitchen...just think..)


The afterglow of the Blue light was still in his eyes when he turned around.

There she stood, Not startled and startled at the same time.

She said things to him in the other language the one only he'd know, if he was in the right place and the right time, it was a test for him.

"Yes babe I know it is good to see you too." He said in English.

She was overjoyed and ran to him in a young girl hopping skip. Stopping an arms length away from him and smiled with those eyes that made his heart skip every time he saw them. She spoke to him again in the other language, she knew lots of languages, but she, when near him loved her native tongue. It was from another universe, Not his original universe, but hers. They had met in yet another universe one where they were being challenged to do something, whose outcome was as of yet unknown to them, as they kept stepping in and out of it. They called that universe "Home" where they hoped to get back to again some day.

He was about to hug her when...


Nope it is not very long today, just a slice, But I will continue.

Hugs to Babe.

To everyone, The Peace of Christ.


Poem for her 67

Dear Readers,

6:30 am

When you get up and the sun isn't there yet
When you get up and she is not there yet
When you want to touch her but she is not in the room yet
She's in the Kitchen
Oh that is why the bed is not full of her presence
Oh hey there babe
Thanks for the eggs
And earl grey tea
And the coffee
And the O J
And the oh thanks for that too

When you can't see the sun due to snow clouds
When you get up and she is not there yet
When you wonder where she is
And then hear the shower
When you say
And get wet in the shower too

When you can't see the sun yet, it's up but the room has no windows
When you know she is there
And in your head and there beside you too
When you know that Telepathy works
When you figure out
It's time to hit post this poem

Happy Birthday Babe


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Poem for her 66

Dear Readers,

Route 66

There was this road trip I was going to be on
I would be driving down Route xyz in that state
Through another state, into a further state and
Then right before falling off the edge
Stop at a city
Then I was going to
Oh Wow
Yes I am here
Big kiss
Long kiss
Longer kiss
How you been
Yeah I know
This isn't a one sided conversation you are listening too
But I was going, might have gone already, will have gone
All depending on whom you are, when you read this
Route 66 is this poem's title but spurred as if you don't know
By the number of the poem to her series number and
Traveling the highways and byways of the planet to go places
And how far I'd go to get to where I wanted to go
So have fun folks
As I will be having fun
With Her all the rest of my lifetime

Happy Birthday Babe,


Poem for her 65

Dear Readers,

The Future

It was written once that thing
Called the future
We only see slices of it
As they happen
We call them Now
Now is the Future of our past
While this is not an in depth study
It is a bit of a Slice of The Future
This thought for her today forward
As I have already talked to her about it
It is as it will be God Only Knows
What it will be.............

The Future is Now....

Happy Birthday Babe,


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Poem for her 64

Dear Readers,


The red rose grew there by the cabin
It had been wild once long ago those roses
Then Man started moving them into beds and gardens
Then they did genetic make overs and now
The Roses all over the world have formed
A Pack, They want to just be the Free Roses
They hum the tune Born Free a lot these Roses
But this red rose was not a member of FRP (Free Rose Pack)
This rose was already free
Free to grow by the cabin
Free to walk anywhere it wanted too
Free to sing in the sunshine
Free to dance at the moon
Free to ........The rose looked back up at
The lines It had just written and Pondered
How did I just do that?
Oh yeah
Roses are Read

Happy Birthday Babe,


Poem for her 63

Dear Readers,

Body Parts

The Ear said to the Left hand
The Right hand said to the other Ear
Hey there,

Then the Right foot said
Press a bit harder on that pedal

And the Car moved out of the parking space

The Ear said to the Left hand
The Right hand said to the other Ear
Let's Go

Then the Girl said
Hey There,

The Boy smiled

The Car smiled and got going a bit faster

They were on a Road trip again

The lips touched and then there were sparks flying
The lights were falling to darkness and
The eyes covered
The Lips touched and ten minutes later
There was a noise in the Kitchen
Coffee's ready
The voice said
The lips touched

A good morning kiss
Between girl and boy

Happy Birthday Babe,


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Poem for her 62

Dear Readers,


She just called me from the parking lot
She was about to go in to the doctor
She just called me from the parking lot
She was out of the doctor's office
She just called me from the parking lot
She was at her office about to go in

Awake at each call
But she didn't want to wake me
She wanted me to rest
But without her there beside me
I was always awake
Thinking of her where ever she might be

She goes here and there
But she always calls
I go here or there
But I always call
Awake without each other there
Awake without our hands touching

I can rest easy God is always
Taking care of all things
Awake and Aware of His Loving embrace
He sent her my way
He sent me her way
He sends us Peace and is always Awake

Happy Birthday Babe,