Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Poem for her 598

Dear Readers,

Part 1

she was there in the park with her bike and was pausing for a breath
the book was light she had found it in that stack she always checked
returns that day those arriving that she'd not see till next week
or ever if she missed them here, there was that colorful cover
the paisley patterns in non conforming colors and then the designs
inside there were chapters on how to draw them how best to color them
how to grow more of them with simple formulas and then the contest
in the back which she didn't think she even enter it but she could
dream while looking out at the stars and dreaming of other things
Other things and still others.........

Happy Birthday Babe,


Monday, July 16, 2018

Poem for her 597

Dear Readers,


Babe that picture we have in the scrap book is cool
Beach vacation 101 get the nice photos Get up early
I knew you were awake, I could feel you being awake
I was not yet asleep but I was laying down
I was composing a story line fragment about the dude
The Janitor and his crack team of do nothings
They never did things in an orderly manner but you see
They were a crack team of disordered chaos
Dishwater is disordered suds, splishing and splashing
There in the hotel room the sound of the war games
The 45 mins and 10 seconds of recorded hisyt that is dash
Spelling correctly babe, it was a word I invention
For another story line I was going to tell you about
But we started kissing and the sunrises were slow
Slow and some more slow slip sliding of the eggs
Right onto the butter bread with avocado slice
That special something that happens when you say
Perfectly, perfectly, and I hear them slide into range
The camera clicked and the foto finish was this ray
Of the morning blue shift of sound on skin of pixels
Those eyes that glow that special way and the Onyx ring
Road to varrock or was it vedavu a place I take you every
August late out on I 80 up at the snap shot of dawn
To see the sunrise over the stones of that boulder pile
Those sights that we have seen, will see, and haven't yet
Planned to see, shining in the dawn mists of the 500 at indy
Or the number of years we are together as the world
Slow ticks by the sounding line on those charts on our boat

Happy Birthday Babe, soul of my soul.

Yours always and forever.


Happy 21st birthday, lets have a toast, Irish cream and......

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Poem for her 596

Dear Readers,

For you Love

The sky cracked open and the lightening crackled
The deep joke was you were a storm
But first I had said in the long email
That I was like an adventure person
Not the go there and do that, but a have gone
I was older, and just as wise as I was
When that prayer was asked what would you pray for
I said I want to be second best then
If Solomon was first
Then there was a huge lightening flash
I had my Eyes closed Tight I was
Talking to my brother's voice mail
I was telling him a story slice off the blog here
Then you arrived and I said
Hi flying creature how are you
You smiled and touched my back and slowly
Slowly said, dinner is ready love
I said well James you heard her
And closed the phone
The dinner was a special mix of this and that
Your own recipe
You have had a long time to hone your skills
The things that a bread dough and a chicken thigh do
The spices grown in the garden and store bought
There was the spread
The food for the evening meal
Not as early as we might eat
Not as late as we might eat
But just right
Right on time
Brand spanking new this very second
The passage through the doorway
In the middle of the room
We became brand spanking new again

Happy Birthday Babe,


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Sounds of Dark and Sun # 971

Those bastards, they have done to much I will stop them.

There was a box arriving at the Prison. The Warden was fearful again.

The Warden's desk clerk Sally, smiled.

She loved the prisoner.

He was so nice to her, had gotten rid of that vulgar boyfriend of hers, she was happy.

The snitch came to the doorway.

Dark looked at him.

There is..

I know.

This penny is yours.

100,000 dollars in your account, when the penny hit the floor, Dark said.

The penny dropped.

When it hit the floor.

The full Mailed crate appeared on the floor of his cell.

He laughed. and Laughed.

All the smart phones that were hung on the wall, on the East wall, at the altar wall.

They took a photo and then live streamed the next lecture Dark was doing.


Sounds of Dark and Sun #1248

Dear Readers,

Myles is going to have a son, and a daughter


Lost connection

Attempting to reconnect

Miles and miles, I can see for miles and miles

dde4ahy)4s?k$44nhdysg zzzzzzjidiid

The duck voiced guy starts talking then other odd sounds, that seem to be voices, chatter, radio chatter, there are squacks and other sounds and a few english and french and other known languages to Mother Earth. Yet if truth be known, all the voice on the radio chatter are the sounds of the creatures of Mother Earth, they have learned space travel, there was a sense of tense need to do something, there was a pause and a voice said.

"I am through the event horizon. I am in the edges of the Singing, they want me to help them just as much as we want to stop them. They are laughing and telling me I am doomed that all over the systems they will kill us. Take over and wipe us off the universe. They seem to think that I am their savior, that I will be able to turn on you, and lead them to the victory they seek. I am not afraid I will be home this is not a suicide mission, we must not die in our quest to end their plans..........zzzz hsha "

The transmission ended the quacking duck took charge of the Paradox boxes and they moved ahead and some crossed the event Horizon. Some did not but were still moving that way.

There was a loud bang and the Earth Shook to it's foundations and people were fearful but United Earth and all the Creatures who made up the vast system of the Milkyway and other closer galaxies knew there was a war going on in space. But that they had heard a sign of hope.

Then the scribe spoke into the AI, Rachel is he okay?

yes came her soft voice but she was crying it could be heard.

She Loved Richard. He was not her programmer that was Thomas Masterson the owner of Future Tech the global Tech giant that had helped the peoples of Earth to finally colonize space.

The Auto biographical account of how the things had started to change.

The Year was 1996 Earth standard time. But few knew the company even existed Because the Special Projects Director held a lot of secrets from his team.


May You have the Peace of Christ.


Poem for her 595

Dear Readers,

Saturday Cheese day

The grilled cheese and egg sandwich of video fame
You said this and that and I said this and that
Then the next day whichever day of days they were
You there hot coffee in hand and those hotel plates
But service was delayed and there was kissing involved
Then the grilling and the showing and those words you use
That wonderfully light voice saying Perfectly to each one
Of the steps in that May breakfast but this was cheese
And eggs in April same pan, same lady, same guy
Different creation cooking for our morning meal
You are a chef and I am a tease of thin light hair
To be fair that would be best your hair is healthy
Mine is thinning or just older and fragile thin
But we shower together and you are shorter than me
I don't like the water much I love you being there
Home is where the soul of my soul is always
We sliced the sandwiches and you ate yours
I nibbled on mine, your very self being in contact
With me feeds me with all the energy I can handle
I do eat, but being built like santa I am a bit less
In need of cheese and egg and like the touch of your hand
I never would have noticed you if not for the wings

Happy Birthday Babe,


Friday, July 13, 2018

Poem for her 594

Dear Readers,

Ice Cream freezes

The day was as hot as we'd had in a while
The AC was able to handle it as we had plans
Plans we'd drawn up ages ago to deal with it
Heat waves storms and such planned and drawn
You the drafting artist me the odd ideas
You the odd ideas and me the artist in a draft
We had saved and spent and picnic'd and done
Slow the travels to only 9 days a week
Instead of driving straight through till morning
We'd stop for a week and have a sit down dance
The cabin was warm, but looking at you I was
Chilled with a spoon in my mouth cold ice
You giggled, It's cold Love, it's ICE cream
You said and brushed your fingers down my belly
Then asked if I liked your creation
I coughed a bit the cold was filling my mouth
I could barely talk so I just smiled
And made the motion for you to come near
I let my nose kiss your nose and said

Happy Birthday Babe,


Thursday, July 12, 2018

Poem for her 593

Dear Readers,


The day was long and the computer issues tough
The garden was dry and helping plants rough
There was no more I could do eyes closing
Then you arrived on the scene and the power too
There you were just as tired as me
But you were home and I was filled with joy
The feelings of sleep gone in an instant
There was that kiss and me helping you sit
Working all day standing up is a pain
Then the legs on the massage table out
The table raised to save my back and your toes
I did suck on the left pinky one again
You giggled but there was that soft fade out
The sounds of you sleeping and whispered words
This is what Love is my lady in red
A dance in the evening so your muscles can rest
The massage lasted a bit calves and ankles
Then the back and shoulders and then the
Kiss on the sole of your feet again slow
The ankles again and then a slow wake up
The table lowered so you can ease to standing
Off to bed we go finally to sleep till winter

Happy Birthday Babe,


Poem for her 592

Dear Readers,

100 Thousand Percent

What I just told you this poem would be called
What I told you I loved you
You called my name at 4:44 am this morning
We slept the night away
Though while you slept I had a midnight snack
Crackers and the pate from our stockpile
The one we like from Croatia, Pork Tea Pate
Yummy just thinking about it
Yummy thinking about your knees I licked
At bedtime last night
Said I would lick your left knee
We both giggled
Then I couldn't tell which was the left one
My directional confusion
So I licked them both
100 Thousand percent good for us
Giggling like we do
Talking about things
Dancing in the dew, then a waltz about
On the carpet when we are getting ready for the day
You ready to go to the job in town
Me hunting in the tools for those project supplies
Those milliseconds of being apart
These decades together laughing about licked knees

Happy Birthday Babe,


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Poem for her 591

Dear Readers,

Lady in red

I had a headache
Thought of a maybe cure
So took her left foot
Counted her toes and
Picked the second one
And sucked on it
She giggled a bunch
The front porch in summer
The sand down by the pond
The nice waterfall feeding it
The spring up the hill flowing
Those red summer togs glowing
I liked my lady in red
My headache eased
Whenever she smiled
So I sucked on another toe
Giggling could be heard in the woods

Happy Birthday Babe,