Thursday, October 03, 2019

Poem for her 835

Dear Readers,

The morning Savor

There is this flavor I like
The taste always wonderful
Savor it like always
Never seems the same
Always wonderful
There it is
In front of me
Hi Babe,
I say
She smiles
That flavor of her
The smile
The sound
The savor
Oh so sweet
That flavor I like

Happy Birthday Babe,


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Poem for her 834

Dear Readers,

Trips out west

We would drive a few hours
Stop for a break by a stream
Drive a few more minutes
Then find a park
Break out the basket
Have a short meal
Off to the stop for the night
Finally after a few days
The western shores of the Ocean
Going to see the sights
See a grape vine harvest
See the ocean spray
See the stars
See the sun set out west
Now the weeks gone by
Pillow wonders when the cabin
Will be the resting place again
We don't know
Off to drive another direction

Happy Birthday Babe,


Friday, September 13, 2019

Poem for her 833

Dear Readers,

Car for two

The warm leather seats as snow falls
The light rain makes the paint shine
The picnic basket fits behind us now
The thunk filled with paint supplies
Off to town to teach art classes
Tug on your belt loops dance a step
The snow is still falling over there
We'll make snow town soon
Pick the last fall fruits in the greenhouse
Plant some winter greens for salads
Take a long trip to the boat docks
See if they have our boat ready
Cruise the coastline slow
Be back in a week to the summer breezes
Car for two, basket of things to nibble on
Where to next babe?
Just stay home and watch a fire
Play some cards
Dance in the dusk light
Watch the fire flies in the yard
Kiss you night night

Happy Birthday Babe,


Monday, September 02, 2019

Poem for her 832

Dear Readers,

Tuesday the 9th of some month

There was a plat plan of land
We'd seen it when traveling through
The town somewhere on a trip
Then when we got back last time
There still on the wall of the shop
They said it was old land
USGS plan of the area
Real Estate for sale
There was contact information
I took a camera picture
We forgot it till today
So up into town near the book store
I saw it again in my camera log
Decided to call
Oh Nice
I want to schedule a showing
We'll be there
Off to there we drove
She was mostly the driver
She loved to drive
Loved to drive
I like to navigate a lot
Love to drive too
Yet when together
I like to let her drive
It relaxes her
It's the common thing
Amoung 90 million common things
Those things both of us are good at
We are both good at
I love to be the watcher of sights
There over on the next right
Turn at the big tree
Oh wow
There is a locked gate
Next the truck arrives
You young'ns will like this
He looked older than he was
We looked younger than we were
I'd say one thing she'd finish the thought
We own that land now
Happy happy bounce bounce
More out of the way
Groves of trees
Beds of flowers
A place
Out of the way
Trip to stay
When hotels just won't do
Ah summer
End of time fall
Falling water cabin chilled wine
We call the place
Have fun he said
We will
We said

Happy Birthday Babe,


The Year Was 1261 BC

Dear Readers,

Story time...............

There was a huge fire in the Plains under the Mount of Kalderran, the open pit was filled with more fuel daily. They wanted The Fire to glow for as many a walking day's distance as they could. They were going to kill a King.

There in the lost paths up the mountain side over near the southern Rim before it slipped toward the rising Sun, they said there was a small Kingdom. Yet Rich's beyond measure. Only ruled by a child.

They called him The Boy King. Honey was the rumored way he'd made his fortunes, or golden coins or something. Rumors are like that they just tell a bit even if not true. Yet they knew this King's wealth to be true. His fame was as far as the world was round.

They wanted to light all those dark paths up the mountain side so their soldiers would have a clear way, and no surprises, and also as a fear making light in t he lower lands, maybe this boy could be frightened.

The swords were sharpened to kill an oxen team with one wide swipe, The spearheads gleamed, the shafts the longest and most flexible, they were going to take the King's town, and the wealth along with it.

The low land Rulers had all gathered their best fighters, the pride of prideful, the best they all had, even some of their own guards were included, at least the best they were willing to spare.

The day of travel came with the dawn, Bright and very clear, the whole of the mountain was clear cut as high up as the tree line, yet they stopped just short of the alpine meadows as those were rumored to be haunted with the fallen dead of past Invasions.

Off toward the paths the men went, 1,000's strong, they'd be the new owners of the Riches of the Boy king soon, Just you wait. Bring more oil and pitch and wood to the burning pit, the order was sounded. Nightfall they wanted lite like the daylight.


Part Two later. Honest

This story is expanded from a composed and told to a room full of friends from about a year ago, an extended telling from my first telling at age 7, when the army of another land, came to call on my candy kingdom, I was happy to share. Even when others were only happy to take. My first full trip into altruism. Mentally.

May You have the Peace of Christ That passes all Understanding.


Sunday, September 01, 2019

Poem for her 831

Dear Readers,

This poem was Inspired by Amy @ Nexus
...The Little Rock Coffee House
...Where the best coffee in Arkansas
...Can be Had.


Styx + Stones 8 at 165

He showed up day 1, a Tuesday
The flag bag Canvas for coins
Yet today carried lots
No coins, Creation Supplies

A form to fill out Tru
A Community based, created
Credit Union for something
He just needed glasses

Then viola violet very confused
What was wrong he was asking
Am not 165 nor poor yet
Only Something was amiss

Oh My what did or did not happen
Retirement check was truncated
Had to travel, had to think
First stop DHS on Washington

.......Then Turn The Page.......

This side I see written
Above the fold the News
Flash - Telegram the Bell
Curved Space Time

Unfurled before him
The car was Big, & It flew
Pods on side saddles
Extended to Dragonfly's wings

Bird like yet thin
Like the Dragon's wings
His mighty metal & soft
Like her skin as she was

He'd see her soon
These trips via space
Timed like F. R. B.'s
Fast Radar Bursts

Shot full of no crying
No longer babies, Adults
No need to speak just
Be known as FireAngels

Happy Birthday Babe,


Friday, August 30, 2019

Poem for her 830

Dear Readers,

The Garden day 5

The wings spread out wide
Flying the thermals high
She landed beside me up here
The rocky ledge was ice free
I said, you are right babe
She pointed to the next one
That one is the highest
The Humans would name it
There we were high on the other
She took wing
I wait 3 slow heart beats
Then aloft I was behind her
She and I were a matched pair
There were only two of us
The Lord said soon
We'd see the arrival
Of humans
They'd be awake
Over there in the Garden
Whoosh went the air flow

Happy Birthday Babe,


Thursday, August 29, 2019

Poem for her 829

Dear Readers,

The things I saw on Mullen Street today.

There I was walking with an old friend
Well he is younger than me
And younger than my cat like Babe,
We had stopped to take a rest break on some steps
Then I wanted to go back again
The came such a rush of wings
Fluffy lurking birds chirped
Then out of the talons of an eagle
The package arrive
The Eagle settled to the ground
Then he looked at me and said
Hey Charles next time you leave home
And forget your book bag
Please just have the invisible
Elephants bring it to you
It had to be You
I said to my friend
I want you to meet
Rhonda Stewart She has heard
About a famous book bag
Floated down from eagle's wings
To her delight
The Eagle had some bird's opinions
They must have just talked the day away
Her emails were handled when she turned
To see how many left to do, a post it
Note on computer screen
This bird can talk
So be sure you get his
Alfred the Sea Gull signature
My cat called Babe
Was in the conversation too
Just not quite yet
She will get here in a bit
And we will just lick each other's ear

Happy Birthday Babe,