Friday, September 11, 2020

Poem for her 884

Dear Readers,


Belt loops in my fingers
Our feet bare
The fire place flickers
The day dim
The stars up in light

The days long
The evenings short
Is it summer
Is it fall
It's dance time all

Over there a swing
Over here a tango
This is a waltz
This is a dip

Feet moving slow
Fingers touch
The day goes on
Weeks pass into months
Dancing all

Happy Birthday Babe,


Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Poem for her 883

Dear Readers,

Hands on the table

The picture has her hands
On a table
This table here
That table there
One table over a pond
One by a tree

Out on the porch swing
By a rock with moss
Sometimes a set of cards
Other times a shaft of paint brushes
Against a green table cloth
That table in the museum

The photos many
Sketches too
Still more videos
Some with colors
Some black and white

All of them Hers
Over Time

Happy Birthday Babe,


Sunday, September 06, 2020

Poem for her 882

Dear Readers,

Splash in the dew

The morning dew was thick
The night air still foggy
The porch swing damp too
The cover we brought out colorful
Morning hot tea about ready
Run a bit in the dew
Feet wet

Your smile making the day better
Soon we'd be making fires at night
The weather turning chill
Over here we will make the snow fort
Over there the snow men

Splash in the dew
Spend the summer walking
Hiking the back trails
Hunting for the wild berries
Finding the springs

See you smiling at my wet feet
Hand you the hot tea
Greet you with a kiss

Happy Birthday Babe,


Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Poem for her 881

Dear Readers,

Drive Time Radar

Okay we didn't quite have radar
Yet if she drove we'd have a lot
Mostly cause I could hear her

I am deaf in my right ear
Okay if I drive alone
Not great if I drive with others
They could say something
Like she is in a habit of
Yes You read correctly
Sorta Kinda
You read something
Yet there is a joke in there too

On a video I have
I ask her to say something
You know talk to the video
She smiles
Said slow and neat
And right into the beat
Of our thoughts

Radar is there I can hear her
And over here
Be the radar for the other side
Yet I love to drive
I also love to look
So the balance is
I can do either

I love to let her drive
As she likes the cars she drives
Sure to say something
This time around
She's the only car on the road

Out in t he coastal plains
Or up in the mountain passes
Over hill
Under the sky
There she sits
Loving every minute of
Said to a poem line

Happy Birthday Babe,


Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Poem for her 880

Dear Readers,

Porch Cooking

Out there on the Kitchen side
The porch has a stone oven
We had picked lots of stones
Here and there
Brought them back to the cabin

Some made it here
Around the outside of the summer oven
Not just a grill
Not just an oven
Not just for food
Yet for food

The design was Outdoor Kitchen
Wood driven at times
Other times not
Always under cover
Shielded from the snow

The card games
Over hot tea
Lunch served hot breads
Breakfast grilled cheese
Any little thing we wanted
Out on the porch

Happy Birthday Babe,


Monday, August 31, 2020

Poem for her 879

Dear Readers,

Dinner in a Basket

The picnic basket was old
Been out to sea a few times
Even on a plane
That trip was cool
A plane ride
Some friend and his plane
Off we went
Over yonder way

The boat ride was on a Trawler
Nordic yacht kind
I'd liked their range
Off to see the world
Drew a few
This one was another friend's
So we took a short trip
Short for trips on a boat like this
He'd sailed around the world
A time or two
We when into cold waters
The basket too

This week it was restocking time
Not sure what all
We'd put in there
Yet we'd stock it well
Tea and cracker tins
Some drinks
Some of this and that
All ready for the next trip
To see the world

Happy Birthday Babe,


Sunday, August 30, 2020

Poem for her 878

Dear Readers,

Card Table on the Pond

The card table floated
It was set up on a pond
Small pond in a planter bed

Looked like a lily pad
Then you noticed the cards
We had to be careful
Dealing them slow
No flying them

There were chairs set up
At the end of the planter
The legs were under the pond
It was an odd thing
Designed just so

I had the idea one day
So thought about the pond
Up high
Just inside the bed
Just above the feet
We had to stick under it all

Cards we got were wet dry
They said good for boats
Well if they float
These would work
We have yet to see
Being careful
It's the deal

Happy Birthday Babe,