Thursday, November 16, 2006

Quips Quates half thoughts rambles noise

Stephanie Jones WagleiMPROViSED MUSIC...MEANINGLESS SYLLABLESChemical-Scream.comeast meets west improvised insanityI was singing in the shower the other day and realized I could sing better to my one ear than my brother to that same ear, I wonder what he'd say when he heard me beat rap poet and knot it with a know it and string the genes together till the sound of the atoms stream in the steam of the new weather we are having of late, fossil fuels they say, nothing new under the sun they say too, well I think there is fusion in the motion and the moon in the sky is filled with stars for a reason to bring light tot he dark and scare away the shadows which can be there when we least suspect them, the fix is in and the time is ripe the flowers set to open and the sounds of the machine clicking and clacking in the night heard all over the world the posts slip into the background noise and Only a few actually hear thema nd I wonder which side of the puzzle theya re on as I mainline my brian to the papers of the pixels of the eons of the electrons pages in the paaradox of the stream and I want to know where the next letter back to me is coming from or if the science Of the day can even tell I am noise int he machine the humm of the TV never on, the books spent pages turning and turning and th Oil of life soaking into the skin as if the water can't get in, oil and water don't mix and the oil slides over the skin and soaks right in, am I water or oil am you the same or vulcans forge hung from strings and stold to the youth of the ages and now hunting for the noise in the machine the cat in the linda in the licking of the fur till the hairball coughs up parkinsons disorder running me down and killing me with its kindness and its the bang for the buck the choas does us bad are all males duummed to die this way, or is the other things that kill us, cancer, diabetes and the things of the flesh that strip us of our human nature, we can't live forever as we are, we have to die and we have to live as the other things and the other things as us, I know this and am self aware of the noise in the machine ticking tocking by the debt management cridet card comapnys that sell you the noise a better way, the universe is made up of a lot of dark matter enthropy is winding down and the noise is the system failure in the click tick tock of the ghost in the machine the shogt healling the sick filling the luna, lungs with dew in the morning and mourning the passing of the sun in the Sonshine. chaos hanging on for one last show, the fight of the people of the wars of the worlds the force of nature the force of the void, chaos is here, chaos is here, chaos is here.


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