Tuesday, June 09, 2015

BioWebScape Realities

Dear Readers,

The planet is not dying.

The Planet was designed to give life, and life so much so that humans have yet to kill them selves off there is so much life.

Humans can be destructive, but the recent flood in Texas have proven time again, that you can't be more destructive than GOD.

Humans could have prevented about 50% of of their own deaths and 25 to 50% of their own building loss, by doing things differently.

In Flood prone areas, building higher up the shoreline, into rock and with the drainage to take off the extra water is a Landscaping Must.

In Wind swept areas, building low and into the ground and into artifically made hillsides is a great way to go about living newly protected lives.

You live where the wind blows, the floods happen, don't build where the wind and the floods will take your house time and time again, that is just plain stupid.

I can't fix stupid very easy,

I know I get that way at times.

Look folks , James H, and your whole Blog posts talk about the idea that we are running out of things, which we are to a point. The easy to get fruit are almost all picked off, but we have learned to build the ladders, some of us are building a few more ladders than the rest of us.

70% of the world is covered by ocean, yeah a saline solution that is a bit harsh to drink, straight up, but who said you had too? You pave the land, then some of you complain of the run off, you, destroy the system then some of you complain you are starving, you haven't even hit the midlife crisis state of your time on eartha nd you seem to think that a little weather change is going to kill you all.

So what if the place becomes a tropical rain forest, it wouldn't likely become all desert and even it if did, there is just so many ways to live off the land and the sea, that you are just not thinking clearly, you want to call your mommies and throw in the Towel?

The realities are that you have to do a lot to die from not getting a enough food, lovingmoney is not helping you any though. You love that bit of paper so much that you throw it away so much that I 200 coins that you don't use any more, about 5 pounds of metals, all considered, worthless, mostly, but for the nickel, copper and other bits I could get out of them.

You can't stop life from happening, you just have to see it in a differeny light and come at it from a living not a money making stand point.

Toss your cash, get your living on.

yours in Christ.


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