Saturday, June 20, 2015

"icecubes invade earth"

Dear Readers,

The world is full of fiction, then the diction and the friction get together and you have something not seen since the dawn of yesterday's morn.

Putin and Obama against the Ice Cubes, part whatever......

Putin smiled in his photos was shaking hands with Greeks, then the Obama front man walked in and told the audience that the whole thing was not what it seemed.

The Ice Cubes were just a myth. Never happened, it was photo shopped.

The Biggest Ice Cube looked at his fellows all smaller and a bit ragged from traveling 40 billion Light years through some pretty dense space with all the new Dark Matter being thrown at them, like that was something new, but it had taken it's toll. The Biggest one was still 300 Sol's wide, but being an ICE Cube No Human could see it. Cloaked, as they were and with the engines on stand by waiting from orders from W.

W for that matter was deep in thought.

His brain was elsewhere, eating doughnuts he was sure on that other place time area, but his mind was moving some big things in another sector of space and time and he was starting to get a head ache.

The Computer, issued a warning.

Wake up W, you'll give yourself a head ache doing both those thngs at once, you know better than that.

W thought he'd ignore it.

No, stop that, we aren't to do that, get your lazy butt off the air cushions and go kill some dry places.

That brought a smile to W's face and he laughed.

Telling Computer that, he was glad he'd made her voice nicer than his other reminderers. Which made them both laugh.

There were none others.

Computer was as alive as any thinking W created thing could be, but was also everywhere that he could be, but didn't like going. But didn't like doughnuts half as much as he did, but was always hunting better ones out, everywhere, every dimension, every universe, just EVERYWHERE.

Putin smiled, his new best friend this new guy Joey was about to make his day.

An Ice cube was to arrive in the USA in fact dozens of them, all over the place, so that the Photo Shop comment by the Obama yes man, would be eaten up and thrown out like the lie it had been.

Putin, wasn't sure why they were letting him know where and when they were showing up, but he didn't much care, they had mentioned, that only the Aral Sea was going to get very many, and after the fill up, he could use the water for cropland again.

Putin liked these things, or whatever they were, served the Americans right for making his life a bit of a nightmare for the last few decades, right after... ztt haheh smaask,, there was a huge furry thing standing in his living room to break up his thoughts............

Joey smiled, great book dude, I mean I get a guy named after me, right? No, you just share a name with him, he is older by far than you are at only 21, I told the guy in the bar a JiJi's birthday bash, one of 3. I just pick names, heck a neighbor still thinks it is my name not Charles, I told him.

Then the Biggest Ice got the orders, break up and send in the troops.

Alpha Tango Bravo, you are ready to fly, don't shake them to bad, but try to get their attention, seems we have been seen in a bad photo or two, and they think we aren't anything real bad, just some hot air in a big wind bag.


There you go another snippet of the N is for NUMMMMBERs,,, story line slices I use to keep you coming back for something odd off the shelf.

Christ is Here, get ready to meet your maker,


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