Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Zombie Hunter 101

Dear Readers,

This is for you Kevin Pride.

The man stood there and the Zombies ran and for that matter so did the humans, they were afraid for thier lives, what little life meant then, it was not worth dying to the blade.

The wooden blade, it was of a certain tree, no one knew what kind of tree, that knowledge had been lost, but this guy had it and he'd weild it till the day the world was rid of them all.

Humans and Zombies.

After all, humans and zonbies are the same thing.

They just look a bit different.

The humans, ate corn and beef and watched TV and played on their Cell Phones,

But so did the zombies, and you couldn't realy tell them apart.

But the blade could.

Each zombie that died the blade lite up and smelled like a Menthol Cigarette.

But with each Human, that died.

The Blade lite up and smelled like a Menthol Cigarette, but it also laughed a lot more, than it did, when it killed a Zombie, like maybe it just liked killing them both.

But at the end of the day.

The humans woke up inside a big fenced in area, where a guy named Kevin, introduced them to Life, After the Zombie over run.

Kevin took care of the humans, and the Guy with the Wooden Blade, just kept slicing and dicing, and Smoking his menthols.

The story goes on, but not for online.

You will have to wake up to know what Kevin will tell you,



Blogger Charles Edward Owens Jr. said...

Kevin is a real honest to GOD human person I know. He likes doing things that others would find difficult to say the least, and train people to fill his boots if he can while he is still doing things, they'd never be about to do, as he is just that kind of guy, does 10 jobs between the mins from 1 past the hour and 3 past the hour of the same hour. But Search and Rescue traners, are not a dime a dozen, you can't even get them for 50 bucks and hard tack too. But if you want to be lost and have him find you, there is no better person to help you get over the Zombies and or anything else much that life will throw at you. Hope we can get the party going for your retirement sooner than you think.

3:26 PM  

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