Friday, June 19, 2015


Dear Readers,

If you know star trek, you might know this and you might not, it's from several Canon and non-Canon Star Trek sources. Dr McCoy had it was dying of it, then the Dyson Sphere showed up and they were all saved. And that's the story.

Well hold on there one second you!!

Um, yes?

But what the heck did you just event?


Just an event horizon and a bar fight and some mean looks from those other pool players and the rest is history.


I am an author.


I have used the grand machine hunter, to hunt things and it hit twice.


I used my other skills, Tpying, and thinking about things to ask.

What if?

Hi Jiji, nice dress, thanks for taking my picture, and hey Richard thanks also for taking my picture, though I don't know where you are going to attach it out here in the internet, I only gave you one or two other words to give a clue whom you were photographing.

Folks, Authors think. We think a great deal, so of us think so much that people think surely we are lying to them about almost everything we say, which isn't true, it is just that we think so fast between those things called words that, we see the things you can't see, and the things no one can see, and see things that could be and the things that are and the things that might be but we hope aren't and all that other stuff in between.

Then we sometimes post about them, or not, or something like that, we might write and we might not. S. D Perry in her book. "Cloak" the first of the Section 31 novels about well, duh, Star Trek, posits the idea of when Dr McCoy found out about the aliment titling this blog post and the rest is as you are reading it, and some of it is Canon and some of it is me.

I am an Author, I rarely read other fictional things, as I am already hip and at times nose deep in my own stories that Joey the guy I met who knows Jiji better than me, his claim, not mine. Would ask her, and did I think, it kind of got lost in the bar's smoke and filled voices, "Hey he says he's written books..."

I have. see the blog see the results of a lot of the story lines, the thoughts are here in small faced white lines on a very hard to see to read Black background. I like it here, Black, can't see the lines till you see the codes, till you think you know something, but the ether slips past you and the Yeast cells eat you alive.. Dude, not the Yeast comment again!!!

Laughs maddenly at your thought that yeast is bad, sorry Joey, but yeast is, and the number of yeast species is so far as human's know, unlimited. Living on Earth for that matter, you even thought that a Dyson sphere was cool, which they are, been designing them since I heard about them. They are worlds of wonder and places in your head and all the points you could and can't and would if you could, but can't so if you won't I will,,, laughs again.

Yes I smoked 3 cigarettes at once tonight yet again, like duh, I am not known to be a subtle smoker.

Most people think I am rather abusive of those things anyway, as if smoking one of them or a pack of them is abusing them, they say right there on the box, Please smoke me I am unhealthy.

Yeah if I smoke to many I get heart burn, or stomach burn, the niocotine is a poison, and yes Richard's new fellow, whose name I never did get, just to many things going on and name's aren't my strong suit. But yes I have had Pot, aka mary jane, and all those other names, once. It was shall we say a let down for me, I thought it was supposed to be good, and it was a great strain might I add. But my mental antics as a kid gave me the same abilities that the veggie matter is supposed to give, I can do it all in my head if I think about it in a relaxed state. So smoking it isn't for me, not least of which locally it is still illegal, but it's not worth it, I can do the affects of it already and don't need the medical use of it currently. Nor will I suspect in the future. I was all about pain management as a kid I had lots of pain then, mostly due to the fact I very sickly.

You name it I had it, you think about it I could tell you I have had the aliment, but back to the point, not Xenopolycythemia,, never had that one, yet. it is so far a fictional disorder. Used to kill off a dear friend of ours Mr McCoy.

Well sort of.

He was cured in the Dyson Sphere ship of Yolanda. By their library computer than had gone south one year and stopped being what it was supposed to be and got cured in the show.

Am I cured. Yes, burnt with the fires of Heaven and laid out to dry in the noon day shade, leathery and not even good for a filler uop by a local old vulture, they don't like humans in these parts, only like bear and bison, they fly away from me and I was last seen as a Human around these parts.

But am I Human?

Don't know, they look a lot like me, or I them, but am I one of them?

Um, if you asked me, no.

If you asked them,, heck if I know, most think I am already to odd for them to begin with. And like I told a friend today, if they start thinking I am one of them, I will just look oddly at them and smile and light up a Light Saber and blink a bit and smile nicely. They tend to take notice if I want them too, or brush right past me in a crowd, just passing through.

But Hi all you folks that know me out there.

Just passing through

Move along, nothing but us Earthlings or others here about today.

Your Friend in Christ,


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