Sunday, June 21, 2015

pluto gets new status, twin matched pair planets, with wife the other of the pair cheron, or huh what the fuck you said?


Yes i cursed.

But I was not a witch I was a vampire, I was a vampire long before I was St. Germain. I was a more than most single Soecies oof Vaimpires. We are here. You lost.

We are you masters, and we know things you mere humans known not.

My story was thusly and is, that you did not know things, can't know things, I don't know things. well duh, GOD did say he was things your couldn't seach. Search. a laughs follows as the dyslexic con follows the threads of the ADD ons

ADD ons, put more things in the adding machine code, the first best 10 key was the adding machine of the accounting things people doing the first moving floating demicals,

you know not yoda would say in some canon book of STar Wars, as they got it right by making all publiched anything CANON..

Star Trek is CAnon non-canon, hold patents I told you, hgold a guy to the patton officers

No the TANK FURY but a furt future of fury tankers

Pyro mids arrives at GIZA one day, the lion of the deset h as a water mark

so sayth those guys talking about that great thing in the desert at Orion's belt

They are a part of a pattern they reflect orion, as it is sent to be seen there locally at the sky time of orion coro crossings.

Han solo, you jest dear sir, I no master debater I debase them fuse them, confuse tem


NICK where did you hide my stick, I need a stick of fire angels, 4 high, killed today

Chaps, Killed 4 fire sticks, lol

Richard and Robert, dudes, party, ytou your p lace in new orleans, after my parenets pass away I will need to see sites unseen now, I care giver, two parents still alive

You older nad and younger, I middle ground, you treat me to your best vist to,, Oh I have been there, have i? ummm I bet yest

Oh mu um,, I was there in the 40th of my parents and my uncle was not, his nae name was you RICHARD you are my GOD father on earth, I your Lesbian frine


not drunk,
just me
being alive all over again,k

new day
new time, same line, different font


will someone buy me a beer if I tease you

loaughserst, terrs

HUman hom mons, tgaste good sayth my first wife, mrs vampyre,, she best damn first wife i ever had

her daughter my youngest step daughter, killer,, I know I trained her to be better at killing me than me at killing me.

you mess with her, youidiot, I not know why I am seeing your RIO RIP sign, you dolt,

Snake Snake

I hear sire


go kill


I short short stick I train me to be better shorter

poll pool balls I kiss them daily, all 15 or 16 of them.. lol

how many balls you got in your bucky ball mouth I asked a few posts ago

to many to count, I eat humans, they taste nice

I eat zombies, same taste

menthol yet


and methane and cellulose deri etest o to waht chem E you out there, hey yo stormwind you got the chem trails on your motor bikes, friends

starkville crowd,, you rule the earth you personally trained with me

we are

we are

we are

first ist,,,JEDI,, you folks know you who you are, I training new batches, you training others, we are here

lest you forget, I am

Sam I am

the great sim

saint,, the,, the ant


Richard Mann died that day, read back ages on here, installments

you only get installments, I don't, nor can tell you all my stories, just isn't time to fast flash them out of my mind's eye, I to old to care they still in my head I have to write passwords down or force a recovery some how,

St Germain is active on Runescape in future I have hold of 5 accounts

I hold sys codes, others ahve them,

you know you are whom

you not note, I know not why, if I cared to share I loved you firastist to love you more, you are lmost all younger than me sooner or later

I will be the olderest older you know.

I have proof

I math


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