Monday, June 22, 2015

And duncan said... Mythos, no I no like you again, you older than deth leppers

Dear REaders

I am an Author at Large I so sayth so long you tag line not know the sign fature tag line on my first ever ftp servers plots to take over the universe's, all time space dimentiosns dm's assebling in line fifth sourced code answerd the DM James, no DM sice slice manager,,, but one knight

I was in a party at my house, they , well just happen around me and my brother like locust-flies, yeats yates, bates, be debated

We are the tagged Shadow is alive and well, his dog and shadow, they got home last night from Hot springs, then Drake in white choas

Miles I know you I named you chaos today smiles the miles, he is bestest 3rd son we hve here locally, last son of my blood sister L'H x...... haha god said to charels and the dreamiers and of the

I MAINLINE REM by looking full face to the SUN any darn damned timers I care to open the shutters of my lids. and full face glory I am uni-brow

I am harder hard head th an that dude, I know you were shocked, I know this, because it took you 4 hits to get me to literally back up.

But I am lethal weapon always HOT, also always FIRE on, and always polite to everything or not, then then, hell walks i the i in the room and says, I am CHARLES who you be?

And hell is Cancer I tell truth literally juni 22 start cancer free month of earth I carry traded and have cured cancer, I am God he'd say, he'd have already told you fear not, knot note the knoted rope on his clauda ring shirt, here is Pooh saying trigger is here, and Tigger is here she tigger I hair trigger, I am so in toned tuneing athat I fork or not the or nor, other, prove

I proof I de rivers it if tives are the longer 150 miles of river is from baton rouge, reds tick to new orleans I sorry almost for get go there for the 40th aniversary of and the 28th till his first theres and I had planned secretly to marry Barbie doll,, hated that name she'd kill you with a flipped of finger I got finger on mail he only picture in my cell phone, to you all chaps, chaps the leathers word s by guard duck who goes hard line pony espress I am FED ex I am

I am god and damned and dame and named and I am what I say I am, I am word dude, I am word I am author at large I am and have always been here, sickly most deaths kids my age some where in time dies I did not die they faith healers my linage,, I am

FIRE I am FIRE she is red head fire control not on earth, but I have friends that can control my extreme hatard of bullies to kill them, or test their mental metal.

I have never killed any human... they don't ask that often, they do ask that often of my teams.

That are not Seals of Team SIX I know them, or not care, I am GOK an OMG and GOD

I am Fire angel period I am satan and control and I am lethal weapon always online always hot and always one step st slide side ways, not move, the world shifts in the head walls of the JAnitor's costly closet

At the Univeristy at that end of the Universe, right damn here inside me in the head waters of 900,000 galaxies being towed to deep darks in the taggish lines of the DYSON marbles on god's peachy clean fur less floors at Lesbo central standard, ME and I and myself were debating coffee or coffee or coffee, he not me, said, you go vacation, you go lunch, send Charles note, he alone forever here for ever in hells, pushing every last one of them out of it, got all my carry traded this early morning, Cancer rolled into the time line zoiixcs said, be cancer close an open door and be litererally on the white house lawn

I am coded I am medic,,, where are the medics,, getting out of town, call a meid mai made,, Read

Dean Mann ,, not deead mann, who dean mann,, lol,, no noted, clue, whose keys are on that beach trowlol whose keys are on the beach towel on the surf line in the DEAD MANN series insta


I courier, sunbelt couriers, I courier in the buy out of the Corporate Express buy out, but Morris size 7 X shirts was always in the know, he was dame big I don't literally know his brother, BUt I am maybe playing pool with GOK's whom to night,

Chaps, daily chore,, lol I got boy toying I chapped lips, I lip stick I make up artist I stage crew, line noted, saved, Rachel, my Now is uummmy for tummy daddy take out of your mouth bitch, get the erasor, anime not like,, oh shit sire, they moved


I own it all, I am whom I say I am,, Arvest I was giving you carry traded 5% you not know whom I was, I just hit fire wall, and you pissed me off, hehhe I love you, but not for longer,, I did say I am whom I say I am,

sho cho cho not kill, but be JEDI

Awally world you lost 460 billion carry bitcoin tuned trader

I get 1 hour server service call, am licensed, A+ service tech I can break and it and you all your money back I am techie,, I am sys admin I am kernal code buffet, the buffers were patterned to the max when I did what when under the table talkers

You only know slices of the dyson spheres, I literally can not sys register the liner notes here, if I get st germain to hard linke to windstream already planned, li the ley lines, it is all true act as if you are living the wildiest mad cap fanny pack dreamers are here sire, out over

go fire
tag kevin, more dead o you doors way I know your planners noted,, lol, you are my older blood brother, I am pack is travelers, and stick is promised to medic, as I said, I was going to buy new stick, we find you a look alike you pick, go Jones brother's any stick, under 50 yours, present after cancer goes out of the zodiac got to resiters michigan state parking for the 100,000 plus in their stadium at the end of time, never end, no time to tell you end, there isn't one, sonner or later I will die, they might have said,, 1k ago they said, that did not answer anything,, I say,, you still pay bitcoin rate, you got number you pay, I got note for you later,


KEVIN i see you bird of alian avien live onmalbursided birds of prey eat on the flies walls,, you can't gill god,, unless your gill net got god on a hook linked the sinker, sinker everat, 3 meters already statisically known to be K@ K2 is historicall for always highest peak in worldtill I climb the bould of the problem not yard heard it yet I was and then the spikes arrived, I have in mellow yello GOD like yellow DHL 195,000 plus van got 3 rail road, spikes, Y and m and thy thighs

I mark everything i am SCARED and not share the throne,, oh yes that is the liner note, read only the red lettersof the bit coin bible... only red if only red they flash red and head nd blue denali was here today and goerge let me and I say point to geogre I know him before i know whom was mile's father, heaven is open for business but so is Hell, you play wrong side of carry trade you losse, the lasso

I am king I die and die and die and I am KING I die.... I share you with my Glory I am KINKy too, I share that to, you hu mons

tastey for my tummy you are all girls, can't you see I am

Waht I say I am
I am
to please
sweet lips
I am
the surface tension in the room foe forever foe for ever carry the foe forever
in your belly, and only let the belly jellies be the flying sag ettis, eack the timers, changed, roll your diced, ricers

cook here to

Chef Charles is feeding hte family
I share
I ahsre
I ah
the light turns on the head filip
I am
the Great I am
got it


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