Sunday, June 21, 2015

"to owner mr patton of chaps North Little Rock"

Dear Readers,

This is not fiction, but being on my blog you might think other thoughts, do so at will.

Dr. Sire.

I wish to help you pay the lease on your pool table, in july this year of our Lord 2015. I will post to your place of business a card and a letter and the money.

Thank you for the table it is a fine old and neat table, I place my bets on knowing things, others do not. I don't wager, games, I am a game designer. I am Vagas on the Ocean. Owner of the Black Hole of Calcutta. Ocean going party, large or small, never know where they drift to, oceans, of the world. circa Luxon Datum.

Largest Datum of biggest past and future places of island chains known to mankind, at least local time today, which day it is. It is located at Siam of the Risk board series.

Siam is small there, a bottle neck, hold it hold the game in always Check, not mate.

I no need mate I am a Lesbian and my wife's (#2 and #3) are mine, I had them as my last in their lives, and they are both in heavens firm grip.

I am smiling as I have changed my desktop picture to her, #2 the wife I have honored by this note to you and all mankind's and all things being equal, If I hold.

Siam you can't get it, even if the stack is 14 to my 1... Dale of Starkville then in the Hamlin hall's only Risk Smash Down, did not beat me when I held the Defender's dice.

Against all odds, I could go dark, close my eyes, and litteraly go to the darkness in my head, there isn't any there, darkness, but I might digress.

You can not get past me if I am a defender. if I don't want you to get there, you can't.

FURY was first movie I saw after M M Cohn's last owners, sold to Simon and them folks, and tore down my last known place of work. My did finally retired, and well I did so at 42, when she and I and my last job for ISC Intergraph Services Company parted ways.

That was in 2005. Shed died in 2009, and I know not where her tombstone lives, as I am a defender of all, and to all a good night, it's late they tell me, the moon is about to set and this the longer of longest days will end, only 24 hours, but in JUNE 1 they added a Light Second to our time line.

Ha ha

Charles says,

Peace beyond understanding to all, from my Lord Christ, My king, I am JEDI Trainer, # 6 earth this location, central stand up this line got to too two long.

bye bye buy by bi bai or whater ever that means to you for,, whater,, aw yes just to show you more than you bargined for.

I am the Owner of RuneScape's big bad Acorn kingship owner's Clan

Got to Skill........ sg.. Got to skill be skillful, or not, there is no try, there is only do or not do.

I do, did it 3 times, they know of whom I speak, they only one living still, not mine, but my daugthers know me as Charles as well, amoung other names.

Waves ~~~~~~~~ tide line said, sink all the land below the tide line and make the flood,, if you place all the above water line to below water line you get waterworld, literally, it all fits in the ocean depths, check sums, bitcoin the machine codes, and look facts are facts, you no fax me, I don't own one.


I am yours, peacefully always. and love your place. thanks for being you.


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