Monday, June 08, 2015

To the owner or owners that thought they had me dead

Dear Readers,

Reality bites a lot of people these days, God Died, then he said he'd be back then he just said soon, so all the people of world thought, good, we got rid of him once and for all.

Well, you didn't and he has been back for a while, Every day you see a Christ Follower, you see him, if they are doing his work then you see him. Now you may think, that they say they follow christ, but they sure don't act like it, well that might be a clue that they are just sinner like all of us. but that might also be a clue that they aren't Christ followers, but those that claim him for their own ends.

I am not without sin. But I give almost 80% of the income I have back out to other people, in the form of gifts, help and just plain tossing it up in the air while I walk out of a door, or business or house or just hand it to strangers and go on. Some months I am doing good if I pay half my own bills, befoer I have given the money away, lol.

At Spokes the other day, I was just trying to help. You all got uppity about some stranger with some backpack like a homeless fellow, helping you. If you only knew that the backpack has more miles on it than most of those bikes will ever get you might think twice. Or that it is dated back to 1981, which is 34 years ago, older than most of the people in that room. Homeless I am not. As far as Arvest goes, I give you 5% for sorting my coins, now that I don't have an account, which wasn't your fault, but I did do business with you, Guess you have to reinvite me to back or else I can't go into a bank so sayth the police officer that, talked to me recently, So what else is new, just another business, missing the business sense.

So lets see buy up Arvest bankshares and take them over is on my list of things to do this century.

The little guys are coming back ,and if you play hardball they will Eat you for dinner, they have been rattleing that cage at you all for a while. Stop saying you are a Christ like people and then acting like you love money more.

The end is here and He is starting to count the change.

Christ can give you peace. if you want to have it.


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