Friday, June 19, 2015

June 2015 to July 3245

Dear Readers,

If the posts in this blog mean nothing to you, then they were not for you.

If they seem like bullshit wrapped in Christmass tree garland and then frosted with caviar, then they were not for you either, who would want such a thing, unless you want such a thing and read my blog to get it.

If you are still confused, Can you read alkjhis and the other languages that I use to talk to the other readers of my blog?

If that above answer was yes, and then yes and then yes and then,, Oh That's what he said, then you might be a JEDI already, and I have not met you yet.

I know they are out there.

I just don't know most of them personally.

If you are recent students,, Matthew, Sam aka the #10 girl of that other place where Matthew works, but not his Girlfriend who is student #306, making him 305, as I met him first, but Sam is also student #666 which is not what you think, nor what she thought, it to me means literally a lot more than any of you have any clue about but a few select readers and those that I don't know about that read here, as I can clearly see you read here, as you have arrived on the stats pages, and been sending me notes for a while now. Thanks guys and gals and beings of all shapes sizes, universal time constants and places where most Humans will never get to, but wish they had been there, this afternoon, when I was just about to say.............

So if you are still reading here then you got lost and can't get out of the Black Hole of my page, those white lines of text mean you are using a computer on a desktop and get that coded line noise that way, if you see it like I see it in the editor's window, you are likely veiwing it from a smarter than a desktop device handheld and then some. Or you are getting it read to you, as you can't read Human langauges just yet and have to have the Toadstool next to you sonic vibrate it to you in an earthquake like tremor that Human's just would not see as anything but a bit of science fiction, as they can't think like WE CAN.

JEDI need not worry, You Lord of the Sky is always there. See the J in the JEDI for those of you that haven't gotten the post it notes from the Holy Spirit just yet.

Jesus Ended Death Instantly......

If that is your life, then you aren't living like other Humans, and if you aren't a Human, you already know it anyway.

I am here to tell you dear readers that while I like and have liked to go about telling people I was Crazy in the past, when you finally get labelled for everyone to see as Crazy, then you have a harder than average life ahead of you.

But I already knew I was not Average, I disliked being thought of as average, in fact if you ever thought I was average, you had just never met me in person and only heard a rumor about me in the first place.

After you meet me, you might still have odd thoughts about me.

You might be wrong, likely you are wrong, in fact if I think you are wrong in your idea about me, I might never change your idea till one second, GOD does it for me, laughs. Or pokes me and tells me it's time, change the path way in front of this person and your world turns sideways and you wonder what the Heck this average guy you just met is doing, and the fire streams off your nose and into his hand and he smiles sweetly at you and says............

Or something like that, it could be subtle, it could be that there is a huge huge crash and he doesn't even react at all, not even moving and just looks at your panic.

Movements in the air, flow faster than the sound that happens when items finally crash together, those movement are the speed of the Fluid in the room that is being moved, and then the sound of the movement of the clash of hard surfaces, not to be sullied by the light that might have arrived first before all the above happened.

If you are a JEDI you don't even blink, unless that stops the sparks from hitting your eye, then you might not and still suffer a flash graze from the last time GOd was making a point with you and light and fire.

If you blink, you might be me blinking or a JEDI blinking who knows but GOD, as GOD only knows how long 700,000,000 trillion years is, unless he is also trying to inform Charles, or something else what time is all about, and how short that vast span of time is really. As it is about as long as it takes me to spend about 2,000 dollars. Most months I have spent all my retirement income in the last weeks of the month before, in all the things I want to do with it, which only about 2 of them get done, but maybe 8 of them do, But I have to wait till I get it first.

Then the trillions of dollars I have is spent in flash seconds and people think that I am crazy trying to live on 880 bucks a month? Why?

Really Why?

The national debt seems to be 18 trillion, seems to be nothing.

Nothing,, not a penny is lost. unless you melt it down and make a coat hanger out of it, or something like that, but the notation on the books is not gone, though there is a floating 2 cent floater of what and why accounting works, or doesn't.

The money is just moving from computer notation to computer notation, you haven't lost anything, unless you lost the planet earth while you were sleeping!!!

Haven't you gotten t his through your thick Human skulls yet, money is nothing and the birds (chicks) are free. The Dire Straits song lyrics are true, it is nothing, was nothing is always going to be nothing isn't even worth your worry about it.

GOD Knows everything, trust HIM.

Sighs, got it?


Christ's peace to you all.



Sam the shortbread is done, but getting it, you will have to phone me for the recipe. Ask matthew, he has my number.


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