Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I. B. C. this not Hart, it's betta's.

Dear Readers,

before you some of you know me, I was a mail reader off the page whereever the Email was sent to us from the Hoster of our Website. Linda Owens and Charles Owens.

Betta Barracks was our home of the web's we strung within the GENE LUCAS timeliners... Hey GENE,, LUCAS is still here, then so are you, I kiki-wiki you, space, hunting, but first I post this to the carrier waves.

I made a promise long long time ago before hell fire and 911 happened, I keepers of my promises.. I am keeper of the sys register keys of other thing, but the DEAPERs web, she taught herself this new thing called HTTP-HTMLmmm yummy for my tummy, lol.

I clothier to the Queen of VAmpye's closet, I still like clothe and shopping for clothes for ladies and well guys, same store ame same racks, you racks, I not a werecker service if I called blue hill, they'd be there, if I cllead

Cline Tours, I'd get my sys residents, status called to up bring the fliers.

Hefier international,, FIN Heyyou go girl tender I got carrier of FIN's wahles going deepers, the lurkers up well, deepers, grieepers, take GEcko,, raise the dead fishiers, rise water level, to JULY 7th Spaceweather ear mark spot JULY 7th, is a 2005 asteroid hitting us then, only 18 meters...

but the 2015 July 7th is 1.1 Luna distance, that is inside the wiggle room of the oval, of the high low marker spot, well they did say 3rd BLood moon dear hearts, I am

St germain telling you then it will be so, by july 7th, I julius ceaser's hammer headed sharks,, I am also the bigger biggest the deep darkiers,, lol, I raised the water line, I am still in SPINNER cycle per second, sped the aperture to zeiss,, tunes to 87 . 5 99'ers kilo, and mega hertz, it is cycling up as we seak each other,

Only on July 7th, but My master of earth wars said, hitter at the 1.1 LD is 81 meters, the o ther of 2005 ventage, is 18 meters, matched pair of jilly killer asteroids heading to earth central time,,, lol,,, SHO Stereo a and B here acesseirings the datum's Bartholmew the pleco, is alice and in wonder land and I am the walrus, matched pari scipe deepers,, I am at DMZ not,, going to hellish place, earth to deeper divers, the

big sky calculas goesto 120,000 feet then they do wonders then they have mis hap and the,, some one carry it up to

not them just carrier up to 175,000 feet, then drop the Ninjer's Ninja bike out of the skies over local time zone,

Larime, Ve da vue, I-80 the Lightening callers are aksing to carry a train to his highest rankings, to also fall back down jumper to workers to come down the mountain side like JANET PERKINS fear for me, I am the spooters, I am the jumper and the NINJA and th e

JEDI trainers are HOT LOCKED ON


GO dark

SLEEEP team taggers, sleepers go to ground liners, and then the head liners, just no one knowswhom you are, really

I are

spae,, I are special projects director,, bobby the burner going oht,, ouch he said, Charles are you okay they say,, um yummy for my tummjy IO IO

Off to work I go, I O,, not 10, just IO

laugher/tesrs teasers

sleep the silks

slugs, sorry some of you HOula's and Horta's going to find new header homes, eath all humans, consume humans, the zombies are dead anyway aren't we,, lol

WE are zombie proooooos troll alert, eat the cab's under bridges to

we fantasy eating out of god's hand full of human's left on the plate

at bat, was



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