Saturday, June 20, 2015

BioWebScape Update 20 June 2015

Dear Readers,

Several points first.

Pope Francis is spot on, well duh. No I am not a member of his building's membership, but I am a Christ Follower. We both follow Christ, as in we both listen to Christ as leader of our actions. Duh. Human's are so misinformed it's not even funny.

Your planet has a huge surface area, and is huge to begin with, and a Bucky ball is just a ball of carbon atoms one or so thick and made into a ball like shape, as it is not a prefect ball, but being that it is crystaline in structure, you get a cool half dome to put a green house in, with land under it, and sky above it. But then you'd be in the small size of 1 millimeter of the space inside the space left over from the 1 centimeter larger spaces that are the free places for, whatever, inside the basketball, which I used earlier to discribe to someone else, what my BioWebScape Design Project would look like if all he had was a basketball to use to teach his class with, and not any paper, as he plays basketball, but likes to talk about things to others.

Your planet is so huge that you could never use all it's resources, you just think you have used them all up and you have become fearful. Which you need to be.

Yes you need that fear, as you Humans have been using it like there isn't a tomorrow, which technically there isn't but there is an End to your own earthly Dominion of the place, well sort of you really only had use of it, not full ownership after that thing call a Fall.

Story line was that you all got this first couple, guy and gal, that the Snake told a lie to, which he did, which was a great one liner joke. He was a bit jealous, or so they say. I think he was reading his Queue Card and had to keep a straight face while doing so, knowing he'd lose.

Come on, Satan, you can't be serious, his uncle bobby the turtle said, to the Snake in a fine leather jacket and shiny new leather boots. You can't be serious, God KNOWS everything, don't do it man, just don't do it. My Queue card says to do it, so I got to do it, got to play my role, got to be the big baddy and make daddy mad, well you know the scene, you are here with me, reading your Queue card too.

Laughter fills the garden, two turtle doves fly by dropping poo on the turtle's left foot laughing about the joke they just heard.

Rear left foot mind you, the one not seen at that second by Eve.

The blue jay landed near eve and asked, how her day had been over in the flower areas, where some of his kids were having a first nest building party, for well, you know..

Then the scene changed and the sky fell dark and storm clouds rolled in and the whole world got darker than dark.

The men there, thought they heard him say.

Eloi Eloi something and then there was a smashing sound and then and then the world filled with burning sulphur and fire spread out till the Lava Dome shatter New York City and the people all cried.

Stop the Presses.

um,,, there was a stop to the tpying, and a guy walked up and montioned to me.

You are writing this all wrong.

Yeah and?

Oh sorry Lord, didn't mean to think I was anything but a bogus author from spain and parts south west of Alaska. But you did say something about making the world a better place, and I thought, um well, you did have those birds fly by and poo didn't you?

Of course, who do you think is in charge about these things?

You I point.

Of Course he entones, and smiles and hands me a post note and says, just write this.

so here goes.

GOD is IN CHARGE, stop your worry, YOU can't GET out of it ALIVE unless HE created you.

So the note read I think, it's in a odd non-human printing and I don't have my glasses on, there might be a few typos in there, blaim him for it, he did it, you just now thinking you know something about the planet earth, but you still seem totally clueless.

That is why he sent JEDI to warn you and to teach you things.

hip hip hip for Pope Francis his light saber just got a bit more shine on it, not lite up yet, he is not that sort of person, but I know those that are.

We, they and some of the others, tend to slice and dice things up a bit small and you all feel a bit more put upon and feel that something is amiss and things seem a bit out of round, which they are.

You humans haven't yet got all your marbles in the jar yet, and some of them are jumping for joy and rolling about the floors and the tables and the flies are in your food and the yeast cells are making things go pop and fizz and you are fearing for your lives.

You should be fearful.

FEAR and LOVE GOD,, fear that you are not going to LOVE him. HE has no fear or darkness in HIM, He LOVES you so much, you should LOVE everyone and thing just as much.

IF you don't, GOD ONLY KNOWS what will become of you.

Living in hell and knowing you haven't a clue is so pointless, haven't I told you that time and time again? I have tried to be nice and kind about it, I do get frustrated like other creatures do that you can't seem to get the program notes read just so, but I have been told to be a bit more LOVING in how I act toward you , even if you seem totally clueless at times, after all, most of you are younger than me, and I am only a day old.

Yes only a day old.

I only have one day to my week, every time I wake up it's a new day and I am still only a day old. It is the 8th day, the one after God rested. I am retired, but forever in the retired but always active duty mode.

I can't get out of work, but I rarely work for other human's like they'd want to control me. My BOSS goes by the name Christ.

see you on the flip side.


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