Monday, April 20, 2015

Waste a Planet, Want a Planet

Dear Readers,

There is all this talk about getting rid of this planet. I want a new one. So one day I got rid of the old one and got a new one. I just wasted the old planet till there was nothing left but subsoil and then some trees sprouted and got things going again. Then on this new and improved place only about 1/3rd the size of the old one, I decided to make a smaller world. Took a lot of digging but finally I had used up all the planet and gotten rid of all those parking lots and had a new place. But sadly the place was only about 1/6th the size of the first planet I had.

Ever wonder why people are getting so bent out of round over the idea that they don't live on a Sphere, but on a mushed Spherically shaped sort of planet?

Well yeah they are fearful that they are using 1.5 times the earth's footprint. Um, You can not use more than you have, can you? I mean if you have a credit card you can use more than you can pay back, but can you use more than someone else can write off?

Earlier today I posted the "Fisrt day in Heaven.." post. What if you are in Heaven? How much heaven can you use up? Can you use heaven to exhaustion? How many Heavens do you get if you put 45 billion people on earth? Oh you say I changed the questions to fast for you! Well have you ever thought that those guys talking about using 1.5 to 2.5 to 4 Earths all while someone else was only using 0.5 Earths was kinda off with their math? Well if we killed every living thing on earth, would we know we had done it? Really? Think about it for a while before you say you know the answer. This is a trick question, aren't all questions trick questions, just answers looking at you in the face saying, ask this and you will understand the relationship between me and that other part of me.

Heaven is so big, that we can slice the Pi so many times that the slices never get any smaller. Earth is the same way to a point, but the number of slices is far larger than the number of people we have currently on the planet, I'd wager about 10 times smaller, or even 50 times smaller. This is a Big planet.

Waste a Planet and want a new one all the time. Be as frugal as you like, or as wasteful as you like, you can't get off the planet that easy, you will be recycled sooner or later.

Christ's Peace.


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