Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Richie Ryan the Source of the Last Highlander movie

Dear Readers,

Think on this clue for a while, A long along along time ago wrote a movie magic book of the first Imortal.. the one from whom all of them came.. the one that was not in the bible, the event that wasn't there, that known no ones about when the boy was born, secret there wsa this guy that had this sculputored sounlal source, his name was meth thus ly a... like it or not he died, but his blood was the whole earth and they were corrupted, so he asked for help and the flood came, but his notes were't the be added to the bible till after the John of the Bible.

then part two of 3 of sub set kkkkk k 777777777 code locks 32 ans 21 sna 76a hd


line noters


a,shopand yen ald almdow m a

Oh sorry was just reading my liner ntes notes code to see where I was in my onw story line and what I was supposed to betelling you abodut here local space time on earth.

tiss locally + or - 5 years from sorta locally area fuzzy borders andoff chart cataracts and sub ley lines that you all can't see even if you knew hey wre there.

It can rain 40 days and forty night in any general location on earth, just park the Gaint Grand crayon GREAT canyon of the big baddies of theearly killers out therand theycould harness thewinds and spins and the tropical climes of the middle of the med region that is currently a bitmore washed out and dried all these years long time ago the middle east is sink hole of the Death valley and the Dea Sea and the Great salt lakes and the Greater lakes and the deep jungles and the mean weather time temp of pretty good spring not to hot summmer andmilld to bit harsh cold winters and about 650 plus or - elevation of sea level.

Now think on this one for a while, all the dry land on earth can go below water level at curreny sea level and thencome back up again lvl dropping and rising without you feeling it, if you are on a rocking boat in a rocking harbor in some of the gyres onearth and in some of the places the headwall waves can mean about 30 to 60 foot breakers or a Tsunomi------ washing japan to california..... So here ishow theday was, cold wet and damp in the low lands, but the sea was the




nimoy is dead







>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>** -- azure this is shadow i got your 20 over and out


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