Saturday, April 25, 2015

the janitor on the borg cubed

Dear readers this is the

story liner notes. only sourced me here you there, readers

kids in the university were always amazed if they knew whom that odd ball professor was, I have several oddball professors out there, in the reality line time frame in the local super cluster this time zone hard locked to me , hte this poster here..

There was the storms of yesterday wipping the rivers clean ad the the sys admin on my home front pasger's bitcoin access network,, said to me, damn charles, did you make the rain hard there, note, to self,, only toalk to chicken when in face to face, or then again, you cn here my chicken all the way out to the street,

but it was raining cats dogs, burps and toads and frogs flew by only to landers near me glare and leave

Then I was out int he real world, they came out in sdrove

the anonymouses callers were hackling me yesterdy and today and the sys register on my down link local here, every once in a swhile

Said system's codes errrors,, heh heh heh heh,, got that... noted, taken

nas no naw, nash nasch then

no no no on on on the n on htne on no n hyes and h yoyuk,

hehe ,, the jantitooors,, filled intot he same space the sclosetest same space I was in then he and me said, hey yall

hheheheheheheheheh not what you thinkishly thoughtyouare really here, of courcese.

But if your head has 4 borg Cubes swirling around your head ,, singing and sinnnnnnnningesd

then you are out aind about in the real world, just like me.

might have the smokerings, flashing lights to you,



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