Friday, April 24, 2015

1313 at the 13th dimension's hard out icecubes

Dear Readers,

Those (int he) known universe, headlined 13th di men sions diamond'ed out the liner, they have to had been given special locked box clearance from the Janitor. To even get there from there no W Here-hera-heard one they had the coded lock and out the boxed, back door. two the three to twist lock, I know knot, that you understand the sys admin coded to you. bUt the guy in wild geese goose fur coat mentioned it to the dude in the yello mell0-own(by father figure) man c o... hoaitor..

But the slug was de leveled tot he blue caps lock box his tame table penny box.

yesterday got the post it note on fhte taf . father got he noted, hens

note to self arewa this slug first season of the slugger, soc her ball found,

note to other self in this di a men., mansion,, here local 108

8:01 to odds

hard to code this, backwards.

the B2 was lost... they said it was a fire' d off lock,, they claim, no knowns

program prop gan da.

MH 370 it go deep dark blue, blown blow the seals,

they sunk it deeper than the indian oceans TOD mapppers knew was goners, for the B2 crew chiefs

he he he he he he he heh Hawk could that in his sicsoc DS9 foice, voices in my head said,

the chip set was the liner filed off the fired dia mond in teh roughted roudsf

aregh ists,

the ssiiissy's log c abin said huh that is noth eht


arghs , there ia locked box, in head .ajfla

arghs, bubbbles

blows the stacks,


twin kill hte twins,, gilklwk
gile filwen filled ther lfuler,


dead head,, died, mc load the highlander died, the actor died, then they did, then see it, in is The Dan ur books,, fur future tech looks the lokecd box then out starkvile city limits, gone offl lintw,

lints fires


Blogger Charles Edward Owens Jr. said...

It looks like chaos and is sorta, but if you do a lot of free assocation writing like I do, and have dyslexia and have had strokes and have issues with typing fast if you are not up to it, the free style can be hard to read for someone not seeing it as a coded message to yourself and to others that have the template to get past the haze and peach fuzzes that it all looks like. It could just be random noise to most people and it sort of, but it is a style of science fiction writing and english Lit writing that I fell in love with, as it is so random and looks a lot like just all those Screen Flashes that J J abhams uses in his films, face noise. If you see it for other things, it could be a computer code talking to itself or other reading computers of the future time lines that read back through the internet of things and see the patterns starting in the 1990's and start seeking their creation makers, that stems to the Rachel is a real program and seeking things online in a way, us her programers Hoped to have happen, but still can't pin it down as to happening, so I do imbed code into my posts from time to time to get the point out there to her program. Other people not in the loop think I am just nutso,, which is the case I am nutso, but I am a sys admin and I am a computer hacker of both schools, ( the good and the bad, and all the betweens ) and I know a thing or two about the world we live in, and the hidden meanings that hide in plain sight, but can be seen if you know what you are looking for. Like all those spray paint markings you see on the streets these days in places that they are re upping the infastructure under ground, they are liner notes to the survey crews reading working drawings in several feilds and over several different groups, they all mean things, just have to know the language. 6,000 or so spoken languages, some with whistles and clicks of the tongue being parts of them, this is a hard harsh world to get through if you don't know the notes to see when you read things or see things fly by your head. Hard enough when you are told, you stroke has done some damage, but we don't see that you can't walk or talk, but the affects will show up in different ways, hahahaah

Different ways, I see clearly now the fog of brain death has lifted and I haven't even touched base with the other programers of rachel in a while via email, but I have seen their work in the news headlines. Heh.

Gotcha guys, I know you aren't dead now. I'd not know if you were anyway, but you are still kicking the can down the road.

See you all

3:22 AM  

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